Attitude In Seller Forums


** I am not personally effected by this but I have been selling on Amazon for many years and although I hardly participate in the forums, I do read EVERY FORUM that pops up on my seller account EVERY DAY.

A LOT OF USERS really need to go do something better with their time rather than to write smirky responses.

I can count with my hand, the sellers who actually help others rather than to say; Dont Like It? Leave.

SAD… no wonder so many sellers rather keep to themselves.


There’s those with constructive criticism and those that just like to pull people down.

I understand how you feel about that


I don’t think I’ve ever found a single Forum on the web, that isn’t full of snarky comments.

Its simply seems that overall, people are natural bullies…and that’s a poor commentary on American society, as a whole.


Incorrect. There isn’t any more sarcasm here than anywhere else, of course people write in a light hearted way, which is normal for a business forum. If you want pure abuse then certainly take a look at Twitter threads these days - it’s got so bad I no longer really go on that site.


Agreed but we can’t say that because its justifiable on Twitter, it should be done here.

However! When someone comes from a place of genuine need, I think those comments should be suppressed.

I think we can also ALL agree that this is a place of professionalism.

All of of us are working towards a common goal. On different levels but most of us are here for the same reason.


I can’t speak for all Americans but I can understand your prospective.

That stereotype has been proven time and time again but it doesn’t apply to all of us.

Many… but there are us few :fist:



MLK tomorrow post office closed… hope that’s helpful



@vespa: Thank you for the friendly reminder…


I am sorry for your loss of digits. Must be hard to type.

Assembled, as encountered, in no particular order, a woefully incomplete list of genuine helpers:

Rushdie, papyrophilia, HDMS, JwsMarket, Oneida Books, The Orange Crush, RMS, Dogtamer, racingroxstore, AndThenSome, Lake, Bad Brittnie, RedWing, M L H, Maintak, Caan, Forum Friend, To Your Health…

I do not include MAV-DAK (and a few others) only because of retirement or apparent retirement from the forum.

Sorry for those names left off, I just went down the page and picked some out.

Far as I am concerned the ones with a bad attitude are the ones who only throw rocks at the helpers and have never bothered to help anyone EVER.

Moderator Edit (Chris_Mod_Amazon): Removed inappropriate name calling, and replaced with “with a bad attitude”.

Is this even aloud (or a good idea!)
Is this even aloud (or a good idea!)
Is this even aloud (or a good idea!)

If you want pure abuse go to a BMW forum and mention that they aren’t perfect.


Good point. This was the equivalent of a drive-by shooting.


I believe that is perspective, not prospective.

And secondly, stereotypes are by definition unproven preconceived opinions not based on proof. So saying the stereotype has been proven time and time again is a nonsense statement. Now you could have said my preconceived judgement has been displayed and I would have had no objection.


If by this you are referring to the two threads that get pinned in Seller Central every day, then this explains your impression.

Those two daily pinned threads I think are lkely chosen by bot to have had the most concentrated activity over the previous 24 hours.

They are seldom if ever representative of the forums as a whole. Rather, they are usually posted as a rant thread (btw: are you hoping to make pinned Thread of the Day tomorrow?) and then people get raucous / heated as the thread degenerates exponentially in relation to length / number of posts.

Try poking around in any of the forums (esp: Help For New Sellers; Account Health). Choose a few random threads that don’t have post counts over 50. Read a few of those threads.

It might just restore your faith in your fellow sellers / forum users. :bouquet:


I would add you to that list @bookwormapril. You have been a big help to me. THANK YOUI!!!


Goes without saying.


It’s true that some posters can be pretty brutal on this forum, but I also think that people need to grow thicker skin.

It might not be easy, but everyone should train themselves to not get upset on the internet, or in business in general.

Some of the posters who are harsh here are just being blunt, and some of those who get upset are upset because the truth struck a nerve and they don’t want to face the fact that they made a mistake, which is the first step to correcting their behavior.

And sometimes people are just being mean. In that case just ignore them.


Anonymity breeds snark.


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There are some jerks here, for sure. But then this is not exactly a happy place by its very nature. You have to understand that most who come here are looking for help with problems, and so aren’t exactly happy people. Then there are lots of already disgruntled sellers here, and those folks don’t have much positivity to add.Then you have folks that I’m pretty sure come here and use negativity as a means of attempting to scare off the competition. I’m thinking of one person in particular who seems to do that, but they are far from the only one. And of course there are those here, just as at any other forum, who are not here to help or be helped, but just to be trolls. As you can see, Jerks come in many varieties.

But not everyone here is bad. Many are here trying to help. Most of those folks do a great job. You do have some who have let their position of distinction here go to their head. I’ve had posts flagged and removed simply for questioning the accuracy of their help. Then you have those who think being helpful is more about how MUCH you post, then how well. But for the most part there is a lot of great help to be had here. You just have to know who to trust and who to ignore and pay no mind.


Well there are many more than a handful of posters that help. I find your thread to be ironic.