Attempt to settle account balance while account is deactivated


Hi there,

I have deactivated my account before my store has officially launched , no product was ever added and I was told via email by Amazon seller help that I would not be charged as long as my account remains deactivated. This was many months ago, back in around August.

Then for some reason, this last week I received an email from Amazon saying £25 was charged at my seller account in an attempt to settle my account balance. Which is very confusing because the account has not been activated at all in the last almost 6 months. No activity has been made. But I was charged? I’ve attached the email I received below, could someone please help.

Dear Seller,

We have charged your (Visa) credit card for 25.00 in an attempt to settle your account balance.

Please note that the amount charged to your credit card may be less than the total amount you owe due to a credit limit imposed by your bank. In this case, we may continue to attempt charging your card until the remaining balance in your Amazon Selling on Amazon payment account is paid in full.

You can also use the Make a Payment feature to repay the balance you owe. For details, refer “Making a Payment” in Seller Central Help.

To view your payment activity anytime, please log in to your account and refer the Payments Report page.

Thank you for selling on Amazon.

Amazon Payments UK Limited