ASINs violating Amazon title guidelines to be suppressed from search


How about cleaning up “bundles” like /Main product/ plus useless ‘branded microfiber cloth’?


You will need to contact Amazon and have them update the titles. We have to do this with most of our SKUs


I’m sure sales dropping off of a cliff will be a subtle clue, too.


Like trying to find Dog Pages…


Our brand name is 17 characters long which is 30% of the 50 max characters long. I don’t know how i will be able to explain what the product is.


So my question is about symbols and/or characters. If an item is 1" in diameter is it 1" or 1 inch? We have always listed the size using the 1" system in the title? Looks like it is still correct to list that way but not sure?


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Literally LOL…

…because now I’ve thought about the ASINs with PDPs for which I don’t have page control. :sweat_smile:


50 Is an outrageous number…
Should be like 150-200.


Max amount of characters which show up on mobile is 80 so i understand why they want the titles to be shorter. 50 is way to low. 70 of search is done on mobile now


That is what suppressed has always meant. Right?

I mean, there is link to find suppressed listings right there on my inventory page. So, they will just be adding those to the filter for title. Or maybe making a new filter?


Where is the link?


I don’t have those filters, is it under Inventory> Manage Inventory?


I’m not sure if you were asking me or someone else…{"sortOrder"%3A"DESCENDING"%2C"sortedColumnId"%3A"date"};search:;pagination:1;


Thanks for this link my friend. I don’t have some of the options you have. See below


@ed_yu, it might be something that they add to the Suppressed tab, but at this time, “suppressed listings” means that literally the whole ASIN is suppressed completely, even via direct links, etc. (i.e., “dog page”).

"Suppressed in search" means that the listing is up and active (i.e., NOT a dog page) but not discoverable through the Amazon search mechanism. A direct link would still show the product, but Buyers can’t find it unless they already know how to look for it.

@PureEssenceLabs, the link only appears when you do in fact have Suppressed listings. Once you have fixed them, the link goes away…until next time


I believe 200 characters is currently the maximum for product titles. However Amazon states a 50 maximum as a guideline to provide a “great title”.

It will be interesting to see if the bot programmers used the 50 or 200 rule. If it is 50 then 90% of the catalog will be invisible in search.


I have to disagree with you. As you can see from my screenshot above. I have 65 “suppressed” listings. Everyone of those is still showing on Amazon.


Thanks for the info


I hope you are right, Ed! That would be great if it means the suppressed listings just show up in Seller Central for us to easily fix.


:laughing: And we don’t disagree very much!

Are you certain that each listing is visible from a Buyer side search? Different computer, etc?