ASINs violating Amazon title guidelines to be suppressed from search


50 characters is plenty for a title. It is not meant to be multiple lines long. With very few exceptions anything beyond that is stuff that should be in bullet points or the product description.

I already avoid buying items from sellers that keyword spam their title as that is a good sign that it is a piece of private label Chinese junk being listed by someone that spent too much time watching Amazon gurus on YouTube and follow their bad advice. :roll_eyes: It is ridiculous. You see stuff like “Cute baby infant boy girl present gift child birthday baby shower soft towel gift set for infant boy or girl”.


Will be interesting to see if the off-shore resources handle this like they did with the pesticide fiasco. Will be a colossal disaster. Interesting how they are now focusing on the “Suppression” theme now.


Being suppressed from the search algorithm would result in being suppressed from search results, no? I can see no pragmatic difference, other than links directly to your product still functioning.


The guideline says " Don’t use symbols, such as ~ ! * $ ?" But is it safe to use the “&” symbol in the title?


And the 50 characters is a General Max Rule. It does not say you cant go above. But there are some categories that only allow 50. Like Lighting


Just another move by Amazon to suppress sales from 3rd party sellers to boost their own sales of their own brands and products


I would agree with you on that. So to me, there are a few different ways to show up if you dont want to change your title,

  1. Make sure your bullet points are key-worded for good searching as they didnt mention the bullet points just the title.
  2. You would show up as a related item
  3. Create competitor targeted Ads


Does this mean all the stupid titles with [UPGRADE] and [UPGRADE VERSION] will go away?


I dont see the big issue. Clean up your titles plain and simple. It seems they are actually trying to help the sellers who actually care and try to sell their products and do it the right way and get rid of the garbage “uploader” sellers who upload garbage listing from other countries who just try to list as many products as they can to make a penny. Have you actually read some of these titles out there…

Like Woah what is all this garbage. this is not a good clean “readable” title
iPhone Charger, Lightning Cable MFi Certified 5Pack(3/3/6/6/10 FT) Extra Long Nylon Braided USB Charging&Syncing Cord Compatible iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X/7/7Plus/8/8Plus/6S/6SPlus/SE/5/Ipad More (Grey)


Thats a great question. I use pipes in my listing to break up the enhancements in the title


It can be tricky sticking to 50 characters if they require the brand name in the title. I sell mostly grocery and some of these brand names are quite long. Plus they want you to include the size and to spell out words like ounce or gram instead of using the abbreviation. What to do…?


Wonder if Amazon themselves will be adhering to this rule???

All-New Fire 7 Tablet (7" display, 32 GB) - Twilight Blue

By my count that’s 57 characters. With an (") used instead of ‘inches’.



I suspect that it will be more difficult to determine ASINs that have been suppressed in Search only versus ASINs that have been suppressed entirely and are available when “Suppressed” shows in Manage inventory.

I also suspect that, because the ASINs themselves won’t be “inactive,” they won’t show up under Inactive in Manage Inventory, either.


  • @SEAmod, in your copious free time, could you please find out whether Sellers will be given any specific notice of specific ASINs (either directly by notifications or indirectly with an indicator in Seller Central) that will be/are suppressed in Search, due to title issues, as noted below?
    –Could you please further clarify whether Sellers will be given any specific feedback for each title, in terms of what needs to be remedied?
    –Thank you!

New Title Restrictions or get Search suppression
Amazon going to enforce title rules

@DannyS Would it be possible for the Amazon category team to conduct a Q&A with us sellers (similar to the Seller Mobile App Q&A) to help clarify the title guidelines? Lots of good questions being asked here.


I’ve been on many Amazon retail listings where a perfectly good title was changed to one that runs hundreds of characters long.

Amazon have ownership of those listing and apparently are the only ones that can make any changes to them


Conjunctions (and, or, for) and articles (the, a, an) should not be capitalized.

Amazon automatically capitalizes the word “the” in all of my product titles. Am I supposed to open a ticket for each product page and try to get SS to override one algorithm to satisfy another?

Use numerals (2 instead of two)

So if you’re selling Tale of Two Cities, you need to change it to Tale of 2 Cities?

Don’t use symbols, such as ~ ! * $ ?


Don’t capitalize prepositions with fewer than five letters (in, on, over, with).

So if you’re selling the film In Bruges, you need to change it to in Bruges? Since most of my product titles contain titles, it’s impossible for them to be both grammatically correct and within policy.

It seems like every few months I have to drop what I’m doing to put out some dumpster fire over on Amazon, and I’m seriously questioning whether it’s still worth my time.


I suspect this is like the warning about cell phone models.

You will figure it out when they suppress your listing. There is no way to know which of your listings will be effected. Deal with it once they are suppressed.


This is going to cause more work in the long run instead of help, especially when it comes to fixing BMVD listings - most of the outsourced seller support agents think its perfectly fine to leave condition notes in titles and demand that you to add brands, formats and model numbers to the title. Unless you get a captive team agent you’re going to be bald from pulling your hair out.


This may be a separate issue that my company has to deal with, but we are not able to edit titles of FBA inventory. If these titles can’t be corrected, I’m thinking we would have to call back any inventory, then edit or delete/re-enter, and send back to FBA. Does anyone know if titles of products at FBA can’t be edited?


But this is the thing–they won’t actually be suppressed; they’ll be suppressed in Search only. This means that–unless Amazon adds some help or additional functionality in some way–the only way to figure it out possibly is by searching for all of your ASINs, shared or otherwise, from the Buyer side. :woman_facepalming: