ASINs violating Amazon title guidelines to be suppressed from search


Will this be like the image guidelines notice that was sent not too long ago where Chinese sellers were given a free pass to break the rules?


Remove “with” and “and”.

I used to work in the Classifieds department at a newspaper and am also a Twitter enthusiast.


Is this only for FBA sellers

  1. When there is a Parant/Child relationship, do Children titles need to be within the maximum character limit?
    Example (80 character limit for apparel)
    Parent Title: Amazon Essentials Men’s 6-Pack Performance Cotton Cushioned Athletic No-Show Socks
    Child Title: Amazon Essentials Men’s 6-Pack Performance Cotton Cushioned Athletic No-Show Socks, Black, Shoe Size: 12-16
    -In this case adding size/color to the title increased the character count to 108.

  2. Can the Pack quantity be considered part of the product name (ie “6-Pack”)? Or…
    a. Does the value have to be in parenthesis as (pack of 6)? [as stated for a “bundle product” in the category style guide]
    b. Does the Multi-pack size need to come after the clothing type? [as stated here ]
    -Which would change the above example parent title to (and increase its character count):
    Amazon Essentials Men’s Performance Cotton Cushioned Athletic No-Show Socks (pack of 6)

  3. Or is the pack quantity not even allowed in the title? [as “Do not include price and quantity” is stated in the category style guide]
    -The pack quantity (ie a 6-pack vs a 12-pack of socks) is critical for customers to accurately compare prices. Please do not prohibit quantities in titles.

  4. Can you give any clarification of what Amazon considers “search terms”? [as “Do not include search terms in titles” is stated in the category style guide]
    -In the previous example, are these not search terms: “Athletic” or “No-Show Socks”?


@sfseller100 I can already tell this is going to be a disaster, can’t you feel it?

And why the heck do all these other categories get so many more letters than food which is stopped at 50 characters ? All food products have sizes 16 oz, 1lb, 1 gal, 2L ect. in them so we need extra characters like clothing is getting more than 50 characters for example.


Amazon needs to suppress their kindle listing.
It’s against guidelines.

Kindle Oasis E-reader – Graphite, 7" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi), Waterproof, Built-In Audible, 32 GB, Wi-Fi - with Special Offers

136 characters.
They need to say inches instead of ". Leave out all variation references.
They also have sale specific wording “with special offers”



We were wondering the same thing but it shows on the product title requirements page that, “Whether you are using FBA or not, listing your inventory on Amazon is handled the same way.”


It would be nice it you would notify sellers if their listings are not being displaying in searches because of this rule change, rather than have them spend days trying to track down why sales for an item have mysteriously dropped.

Don’t make us guess or check every single listing to see if they are showing up in searches.


And don’t forget, spaces count as characters too. In some of my listings just the name of the manufacturer alone is 28 characters. Giving me a whopping 12 characters to work with.

Sometimes I have to wonder if anyone at Amazon gives any thought to how changes like this can effect sellers. Oops, sorry, of course they don’t.

Really, what do they want my titles to say… “Food, 2lbs”?


There is no mention of a category specific to books in the notice and many titles are more than 50 words (especially older books with relevant subtitles).
All of the following may differ from the publication title (are we saying the publisher’s title is wrong?)

_Capitalize the first letter of each word._Non English language books frequently differ in capitalization
Do not use ALL CAPS. (4 books on my desk ready to list that use all caps)
Conjunctions (and, or, for) and articles (the, a, an) should not be capitalized.
Don’t capitalize prepositions with fewer than five letters (in, on, over, with).
Numbers and symbols:
Use numerals (2 instead of two) (Tale of 2 Cities?)
Spell out measurements ( 6 inches not 6" )
Don’t use symbols, such as ~ ! * $ ?


Shouldn’t there be millions of people going berserk asking questions or complaining in this thread right now? This is really a huge thing to deal with… What about people with 60,000 listings that have to shorten product titles? As of right now only just under 200 people… or has no one else gotten the memo?




Got this gem back from support.

Hello from Amazon selling partner support,

Thank you for contacting us.

I understand your query that is regarding the character limit of title.

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

However, please understand that Amazon has a huge catalog of products from around the world. Consumers rely an Amazon’s site search to find those products. But it doesn’t mean they will find the best products. Your product may have the best quality, but your competitors will generate more sales if they appear higher in the listing of similar items.

Amazon allows 50 characters in most product titles. Some categories, however, allow up to 200 characters. In its search results, Amazon shows roughly 50 characters in title tags. Thus Amazon’s 50-character limit is enough to ensure a good title, using keywords strategically.

So, I suggest you to have The more detail you add in the title area, using critical keywords, the higher the chances of your product being viewed by potential customers.

Not sure what the last sentence is supposed to convey.


Hello Sellers,

Your business is important to us. We want to make sure that your business and the buying customer experience is not compromised by products whose titles do not meet Amazon’s product title requirements. In general, these are titles with one or more of the following characteristics:

  1. Title containing promotional keywords and phrases (for example, free shipping, 100% quality guaranteed, etc.)
  2. Title containing non-readable characters including emojis.
  3. Title exceeding more than 200 characters.
  4. Title not containing any product identifying information (no product type name and no product characteristics – for example, a single word title such as N/A)

When an ASIN is suppressed for any of the above reasons, you will be notified through the Manage Your Inventory screen in Seller Central, with the specific reason the ASIN was search suppressed. Once the issue is fixed on the title, we will remove the search suppression and the ASIN will appear back on Amazon Search.

We understand your concerns and thank you for participating in this discussion.

Susan H.

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ASINs violating Amazon title guidelines to be suppressed from search
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This is great info and makes this a highly desirable change.


Thanks very much for the clarification Susan …this is quite different than the original announcement.


Good job,



Thanks so much @SEAmod ! May I just ask… is this for all categories and all selling formats? If so, yayyyyyyyyy!
Does this mean yesterday’s announcement is permanently modified? As I type this I can hear my husband on the phone with Seller Support who is still telling him 50 characters… sigh


point 5 is the big one

I know from experience what a time consuming headache it can be to get changes made to a title through Amazon support.

The changes I have made in the past have been for listings that were controlled by Amazon retail

Shouldn’t Amazon correct these themselves proactively now before this policy is enforced?


Thanks for the additional info @SEAmod. Will the title guidelines be changed to reflect what you wrote (e.g. not to exceed 200 characters vs. the previously announced 50 character limit)?

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