ASIN Creation Policy Violation -- Account Suspended


Can Someone Help me how to get it Activated again?


Scroll down to: Variation Policy and then please read: Variation Relationships Overview.

After you finish reading the policies, you should become aware of what you did wrong and how to correct it.

Then, you can write a draft appeal, exactly as outlined in the notice you received under, How do I reactivate my account? and post the draft back in this thread, so others may be able to check it for errors or offer suggestions.


I had provided the below POA but got rejected!! Someone please help…

Dear Amazon Team,

We would Like to Thank you for providing us the Opportunity to appeal and asked for information.

The root cause(s) of the variation policy violation –

· We failed to read the Amazon guidelines and misused ASIN variations Policy. In this particular case we created Variation Family where Child products were not actually related to each other by variation theme.
· After this suspension ,We learnt that we need a variation theme to create variations but had the misconception that we can introduce our own themes rather than complying with those approved by Amazon.
· We reviewed and tried to check the Invalid ASIN Created by us along with the Child ASINs under that.
· All the above listings We Added violated the Variation Policy because, we added Some incorrect child variations that were not true variations for the parent product. More specifically, the variation themes based on which we added child variations, such as the product packaging , its quality were not accurate.
· For Sure the root cause of the issue is our failure to study carefully about the Variation Policy and to gain a correct understanding for the concept of variation.(Parent and Child ASIN)
· I take full responsibility for this and I would like to share my plan of action with you below

The actions We have taken to resolve issues –

· We have carefully reviewed the ASIN Creation Policy and the Variation policy. In particular, we have studied all the available information on variation relationships (parent-child relationships) on the Help page and learnt about the correct practices of creating variations. I now understand the requirements for listing a variation of a product to maintain my seller account and ensure it is fully compliant and educated myself on the correct way a variation should be listed This includes ASIN Creation policy and product detail page rules, I have also watched the seller university videos on detail page listings and how to create product variations correctly.

· We now understand that not all product category support parent-child relationships and the supported variation themes may differ for different categories.

· After I read the correct way to list variations, I have gone through my entire inventory and removed any variations that may of been in violation of the Amazon policies

· I have also gone through our variation listings I have left to make sure the products are described correctly and set out as a correct variation of the product listed and that they are fully compliant with Amazon Policies.

· We have hired a MBA for regular review of all our listings and Amazon Policies , So that this type of error is not occurred in future.

The steps We have taken to prevent the misuse of variations going forward –

· We will strictly comply with the ASIN Creation Policy and the Variation Policy when creating any future listings with variations.

· If we sell products in any other category, we will first determine whether this category supports parent-child relationships, and if it does, we will determine what variation themes are supported. We will strictly adhere to those themes when creating variations.

· We will make sure I regularly check Amazon policies for updates and changes to any policies so that I can take immediate action and remove any non compliant listings straight away.

· Any Product that can’t be 100% verified to be able to be listed as a variation will not be listed.

We believe that our plan of action will sufficiently address this problem and prevent it from happening again in the future. We hope you would consider and keep us selling on Amazon. Please let us know if you require any additional information and we will be more than happy to provide them.