As an FBA seller do you get the buyers info who buy our Amazon products?


I was wondering if when someone buys a product on my amazon account if I can get their information so I can keep in touch with them as a customer? Is that possible?


I know that if you have a professional account you can find this info my selecting orders, order ID. Then you will see the shipping address.


I get the name and address and teh marketplace email. But do not contact any customer to market to them. It is against policy.


They aren’t your customers. They are Amazons. You are not allowed to collect personal info on ANY Amazon customer for marketing purposes.


As mentioned it’s possible but don’t have any ideas of contacting them unless it is order related …

This will get you the boot by Amazon !


Yes you do.

go to Reports, Fulfillment, All Orders.

Set the dates parameters and download into excel.

But as others have said, don’t abuse the information.



I totally understand and respect this policy, but I have a question about it for reference and posterity.

Many of us sell on multiple channels and have that data aggregated into a central shipping management database. In that case, isn’t it impossible to determine if you’re targeting Amazon customers?

The problem is that a customer may purchase items from any source, or multiple sources. If a customer purchases an item from us on our website, are we not allowed to send them a postcard because they also purchased an item from us on Amazon?

This seems really problematic to me, because it would prohibit any marketplace seller for marketing to customers without cross referencing a complete list of all names and addresses that have ever been attached to Amazon orders.


You get it, but it doesn’t matter. You aren’t allowed to market to them whatsoever. It’s a violation of terms. Amazon takes that VERY seriously.


If they ALSO purchased direct from you, then No, it shouldn’t be a problem. But you cannot market to any Amazon-only purchases. You shouldn’t even think of collecting Amazon customer info–because make no mistake, Amazon considers them THEIR customer, not yours. You need to figure out how to flag Amazon-only customers and eliminate them from marketing.

And I will tell you, as a buyer, I have reported sellers who started marketing to me without my express permission, who I purchased from on Amazon. I hate it. So buyers take it seriously too.


I understand the policy, but I don’t think anything I could ever provide would be sufficient evidence to prove that the customer in question was actually ordering from me on another channel, especially in a case where they say they were not. I could, for example, send Amazon a screen shot of a Magento order, but I could just create a Magento order with the customer’s information in a few seconds so that wouldn’t be suitable evidence.

So does this policy create a defacto prohibition on +all+ marketing, since we can’t control customers’ memory (i.e. they forget they purchased something from us on eBay a year ago) or cognition (i.e. they are confused about what they bought, from where, and when).

If all that matters is what the customer says to Amazon, then we’re all at risk of getting suspended at any time based on hearsay and competitors could easily devise strategies to eliminate us. Obviously, we sell here at the pleasure of Amazon but a blanket ban on all marketing to all customers would be very heavy handed.

I’m not saying that’s what this policy means, but I wish there were more clear guidelines about how accusations of diversion are investigated.


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