Are these instructions valid?


I faithfully followed directions from this page: and NOTHING worked.
Sure, I can see an amazon button on the html page but it doesn’t go anywhere.

Sure I have a handle_login.php file on the server side with all my client ID info where it should be. I have client ID info in the javascript code on the html and still nothing.

If you are going to have step by step instructions they should at least work to some degree and there should be a section of the forum for people it did NOT work for.

Am I to believe that ever seller here was some super hacker code-cowboy beforehand? Is that a requirement?

I am good at following instructions. They were clear and concise. What is not clear is whether or not the code is up to date or still functional.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


The instructions on that page are up to date, and does work. Could you elaborate on what problem are you facing?
If the changes you made to your website are live, could you provide a link to it, so we can check it at our end, so as to provide better recommendation for you?


Thank you for your response.
You can see the page in question here:
Everything on that page was made from the

No, my site is not live. I am just trying to test a recurring payment button and so far the experience has been excruciating.
Usually the code renders nothing and when buttons do appear they do not function.

No pop up, no nothing.


I checked on the website you provided and your integration. There were some inconsistencies in the URLs you whitelisted Vs the one you are hitting. I have fixed some settings for you, which you can check by logging into your Seller Central account.

Your integration now seems to be working. You need to visit this one :
instead of

Notice the missing www. in the later.


Ok. Nothing was working but then I realized that I had to disable my browser pop up blocker and that’s why I got a nothing burger.

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