Are nintendo products still restricted?


I sold this used leapfrog not knowing that it was listed on Amazon. I did not know that leapfrog was owned by Nintendo

Is this sold because Amazon forgot to make it inactive or is it because are we still allowed to sell it?

Why am I allowed to sell Nintendo products?

Sorry buddy, but you listed it on Amazon and sold it. Not sure how you list something on Amazon and not know it. Maybe you were allowed to sell it used?


Well just because it is sold that does not rule out Amazon glitch. I understand what you are saying. You are saying if Amazon allows me to sell then there should be no problem.

Nope. I do not agree. It could be Amazon glitch. And I do not want to send a nintendo product to a Attorneys at law PLC if you know what I mean.


Nintendo is restricted.


Even used?


I would think most nintendo, since its a brand needs to be ungated before selling used or new, but every item could be different.


So i got the order now. But i am scared to send it.

What should i do it?

Why am I allowed to sell Nintendo products?

You can either send it or cancel the order.


Nintendo does not own Leapfrog. Vtech owns the brand Leapfrog. Not sure what the issue is with the order?


Last I knew, Leapfrog was purchased by VTech. Have not heard Nintendo bought them.


Fleetwood Mac, sometimes you can be such a weenie… I’m assume that this wasn’t a scan & list scenario – that you actually wrote a description and took a couple pictures, he he he, I would just nicely packaged it &;send it to the client / customer that ordered it …

Just make sure that you wipe it off and it looks bright and fresh and shiny?.. you package so that you can throw it may be a little bit of extra bubble wrap in the envelope…

Unless the customer complains, I doubt that you’re going to have a problem?

Have a nice weekend