Are Branded products off limits to sell?


I am a new Amazon seller, and have been trying to follow the guidelines, specifically the one that says to find the product that I’m selling and to sell it under that name rather than make a new listing. I did that for a style of gold cuff links that I was selling, and Amazon had the option to “Sell Yours” which I chose. I got a message from the competing seller that I was not allowed to sell the cuff links because it was their brand. However, I never saw any restrictions by Amazon. I’ve run into other items ASINs that I was not allowed to sell and these cuff links were not one of them.

Bottom line: Am I being played for a fool by this rival seller? Or am I truly not allowed to sell under their brand?


If you product is not of the brand shown on the detail page, you cannot list on that page.

Any seller with the proper brand item can list on their page.

No restrictions are needed, and no notices, just learn the rules which apply to all listings. Must be identical to the page. Product, brand, packaging etc.

Some brands are restricted to authorized sellers. When you try to list them, Amazon stops you.


Many brands are restricted. That means that you need to have permission from the brand owner and that you need to source through authorized (by the brand owner) wholesale purchase channels.

I sell quite a few restricted brands but needed to provide proof of authorization (letter from the brand owner) or invoice from an authorized supplier.

You need to take a careful look at the product listing and in particular, the brand. If that brand is correct, you need to get permission from the brand owner. Sometimes they may provide exclusive rights to sell on a sales channel, like Amazon to a limited number of retailers.

You need to be very careful within anything you bought retail rather than from an authorized wholesale sales channel. You also need to ensure that you are listing under the correct product.



BTW Cuff-links are supposed to be listed in the Jewelry category which requires Amazon approval.

There are many existing catalog pages in incorrect categories in violation of Amazon policy, listing on them can be dangerous.

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