Are all FRS/GMRS Walkie Talkies / Radios banned?


I’ve just got a ton of restricted products notifications. They are all Uniden/Cobra/Audiovox walkie talkies.

Did the FCC just retroactively ban all of them? or is this about the cheap imports that don’t comply with regulations. All of my items have FCC ID numbers on them, that can be searched online



Then you are good. That FFC ID Number is what you need to provide. To demonstrate the product’s regulatory compliance.


Its somewhat related, but a little different.

I found on another website

“FRS/GMRS radios you presently own will function as before, will function in conjunction with newer models, and are grandfathered.”

The FCC changed rules a couple years ago, and wasn’t exactly sure what was going on.

And Amazon sent an email with this

This product has been identified as a dual-service FRS/GMRS radio. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations prohibit the sale or marketing of FRS/GMRS combination devices. For more information, please see our Radio Frequency Devices Help Page (