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I recently submitted a request for approval to sell dvd’s. The response that I received said that my invoices are acceptable, but there are other reasons as to why I can’t get approval. I don’t know what to do next because there are no other parameters on the seller side in the approval process to explain anything else. The email also said to re apply and submit new invoices. Why would I submit new invoices when the ones I submitted have been accepted. I can’t get a response as to what else they may need from me. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks!


perhaps they don’t like the distributor(s) you provided…there are a few on their ‘do not ungate’ list…

the letter contradicts itself…it mentions other account-related issues but then goes on to say you should supply DIFFERENT invoices…that makes no sense…is it the invoices or something wrong with the account???

you WOULD need the $39.99/month seller account to sell DVDs, but that’s only AFTER approval…


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My quantities were 1000 on my invoices, as I buy in bulk. It is getting frustrating for me because I don’t know what they might need.


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That’s what I thought as well. It definitely contradicts itself, which is why it is frustrating. Should I purchase more inventory from another supplier? If so do you know of any? So, I don’t need to do the professional selling package until I get approved?

I guess I just don’t understand why they can’t provide additional information. I am not asking for a ton of information, but it definitely makes it frustrating.


Yes, I am meeting all of those requirements. This is a new business for me. I wonder if that is why. Also, do you think I need to upgrade to the professional sales plan to get approved? Below is the response I received.

I am sorry for any disappointment or inconvenience that may have caused to you due to our previous responses and understand your doubts regarding the approval process.

I understand your concern and would like to inform you that we have certain given guidelines and parameters, basis which we review an application. However, in your application your invoices are meeting to the requirements but there are other account related parameters which are not meeting. Unfortunately, after a thorough review, we still are unable to provide any further specific details regarding the issue. Please consider this matter closed. When we approve or decline an application we base our decision at our policy.

I know this is not the answer you wanted to hear, but please know I have exhausted all resources and investigated the issue to its full extent, and Amazon will not be able to disclose anything further concerning this matter. I have already reached out to our leadership and several team members for accuracy.

You are able to re-apply, but we cannot provide any deeper information on application denials. However, you can find more information about our application process on the following FAQ page:

Therefore, I request you to kindly provide different invoices with all required details in order to review your application again.

We always encourage our sellers to provide suggestion to us. Seller feedback is important to us. If you have any further suggestion or feedback to provide, You can provide feedback by emailing us We will be happy to review your feedback and consider it in the future.


I assume you reviewed and are meeting the metric requirements:

  • Order-Defect Rate (ODR) of 1% or less
  • Cancellation Rate of 2.5% or less
  • Late Shipment Rate of 4% or less
    Other than this, maybe if you post the email they sent you stating they are not approving here there might be a clue…


It could be that the quantity of items on the invoices were insufficient. When the category was gated in November 2014 there were a lot of discussions on this forum about similar situations where the invoices were good but sellers were still not approved.

Although not advertized, the consensus was invoices needed to have sufficient quantities of items to support potential sales. There were some sellers that did token purchases through official sources just to get un-gated and continue selling items they acquired elsewhere.

Although nothing official from Amazon as to quantities, it appeared that 30 units ore more where needed on each of the 3 invoices.


Dvds is not a great business model on Amazon these days–for precisely this reason. It’s hell to get approved.


I am a little confused. I am in Canada, so I am listing on .ca website and DVD does not seem to be a gated category (as written in the help section). Is it different is the US and Canada?


DVDs are only gated (for now) on not on


I suspect your problem is that you are a new seller.

Try again in three months or so, with metrics which mean something and new invoices.


Hello, did you get approved or are you still in the process …

#13, these people can guide you on what to do or not to get approved

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