Appealing Notice: Policy Warning Advice


The issue is brand owners are cramping down now.

Invest some time on the forums reading up on what is going on.

A policy warning is different than violation.

Warnings are just that. Warnings.

Is there something under Performance, Account health?


Indeed. They are both cramping and clamping. Well-put! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I appreciate typos that are eerily accurate yet “accidental”. :ghost: :face_with_monocle: <–Freud


“We consider allegations of intellectual property infringement a serious matter and your account is under review. If we receive more complaints about your listings, we may not allow you to sell on”

It appears if you get multiple ones they can shut you down. This instance is no infringement, it’s an abuse by Universal Music (in this case) of false copyright violation accusation. We aren’t violating copyright by selling a 44 year old album. There is a Supreme Court law that gives us the right it sell. They’re simply using their weight to ding the little guy.


It was not a typo. Glad you could translate Shelfie language.


Let me know who you call. I had zero success with the guy from India I got by calling seller support. He just told me to appeal. I don’t think he even knew what a vinyl record was.


First Sale Doctrine does not apply to Amazon.


Well if Amazon doesn’t fix this I’ll just email the guy who filed the complaint (his email is in the warning) and nicely ask what the deal is… not a surprise to learn that Amazon is basically it’s own country and standard laws don’t apply to them.


Email the contact. I doubt you will hear back.

There are a lot of things at play here and some could be Amazon’s response to legal issues. With copyright issues, you have the means to fight back.

Kindly keep me in the loop. I am curious as to how it goes.


The album in question is a Frank Sinatra album from 1958. This is a 60 year old album in my case. I was to know how they got the copyright violation. This album was correctly listed. There is a new album just released but it was after my listing from a few years ago. This was neither capital or the Sinatra family.


In my case I had listed the item under Collectible. So my appeal to Amazon is considering the issue seems to be with the product page they should not be dinging me as I was not selling the version on the product page I was selling an much older version all of which was noted in the Condition notes along with pictures per Amazon guidelines.


I think I’ll be going back and deleting my inactive listings now. That’s probably why you got this as you had it in your inactive listings. If this starts happening more I don’t want to be getting dinged for something I sold years ago!


Do not pursue this.

Items must match the detail page exactly.


No they don’t.

Music – Collectible
To be considered collectible, the item should be unique in a way that increases value for a collector:

Signed, inscribed, or scarce
Unique characteristics such as special pressings, unusual aesthetics (colored vinyl), or limited edition packaging
Seller comments for collectible music should include the following:

Further detail on condition or completeness of item and packaging
Notes about the presence of signatures, inscriptions, or other personalization.

A 70’s pressing on 2000’s page is collectible.

Anyhow I’m getting crap from Amazon, my email came back saying they don’t have an account associated with the email I sent, which is the email my account is registered with…


I strongly suggest making sure you understand condition rules.

Anyhow I’m getting crap from Amazon, my email came back saying they don’t have an account associated with the email I sent, which is the email my account is registered with

No idea how to help on that one.


You didn’t violate the copyright of the 60 year old record . You violated the copyright of the reissue because you are listing an older record that doesn’t match the page your listed on .


If that was the case then why was the “copyright” claim on the product page and not individual listings? Amazon says it’s the product page and they removed the entire page and blanket strike everyone who had a listing on there (even those who may have sold that exact pressing). If it’s as you said the listing page should still be up and just those of us who listed under Collectible should have has our listings removed. Someone above who wasn’t even selling this record, they had sold on this page in the past, got a warning too. So your explanation doesn’t make sense.


Has the record since been issued . If there is no longer a need for a preorder page that would explain why the page was taken down .
Where did Amazon say the product page was infringing ?


Then that would completely rule out listing anything as collectible wouldn’t it… yet Amazon says you can and tells you to denote the differences in the condition notes, which we all did. Now you can argue whether or not you think it’s collectible or not, but that’s not really the issue here, because the entire product page was removed so it wasn’t because we listed something in Collectible it was something else. And there are still product pages for this album on Amazon so it’s got nothing to do with copyright on the album itself, so it has to be something specific to the product page. Therefore its messed up to blame everyone for some information on a product page we did not create. The person who created the product page (probably Amazon itself) should be the sole person that gets the complaint. I mean the guy who wasn’t even selling a copy, he had an old inactive listing in his inventory got a warning!!! This is just sloppy, don’t investigate just punish everyone who never sold anything on this product page.


You can list as collectible but what you are listing has to match the product page . You listed a record that was produced by ABC back in the day . You listed against a reissue that was produced by XYZ . It is up to the seller to make sure the product matches the page regardless of condition .
You were infringing XYZ’s copyright by listing against their page with a record that did not match .
You need to create a need page for the 1970’s record .


I was wrong about that, I initially thought that was the page they removed but it’s still there, it was another listing page they removed that wasn’t a pre-order, and @mikeystoyz confirmed that as he said he had his listing there over a couple years.

Amazon didn’t give specifics they just say
"Sellers on are not allowed to create listings or detail pages that infringe copyright."

But to remove the entire page seems to indicate it was a claim on the page itself, not individual listings. And @peyton_s_book_place got a warning because they HAD SOLD an item off that page, they didn’t have one for sale. So Amazon just punishing everyone…and giving zero explanation for it.