Anything I can do?


I got a return that was accepted by Amazon (it’s FBA) and the buyer was refunded the purchase price. I had to go back and check this order because I didn’t remember one recently for that item. The 30 day mark passed yesterday, and the item is for a book. Clearly the buyer decided they had enough from the book and want their money back, which probably means the item will be returned in “customer damaged condition,” which I will then have to pay to remove after paying for the return. Does Amazon reimburse in these situations since it was past 30 days?

I’m starting not to understand the benefits of FBA as I’m learning more about FBM. Yes, we pay for customer service and for them to ship it. However, they lose items. They grant refunds without letting us charge restocking fees, which is allowed when it’s FBM. Many things that are covered by safe-T are not covered when it’s FBA. Just out of curiosity for people who have done both mainly with books, are the sales differences (like orders placed each day) that drastic? Definitely growing increasingly frustrated with FBA and considering switching over - I know most sellers do it the other way, going from FBM to FBA.


I also had another book that was purchased and returned and “customer damaged” … when I received it back, it “looked” fine, but clearly the buyer opened the book and photocopied every single page before returning it. If it was FBM, I would have been able to recover some of this, right? Instead, with FBA, I paid for the item, paid to ship it to Amazon, paid them to ship it to customer, paid them to return it for customer, and paid them to return it to me - and I can no longer sell the item as new because it isn’t.

Books should not be allowed to be kept for that long and refunded full price. If you receive a book and it’s damaged, it doesn’t take a month to return it. I even had no issues with a couple people who had buyers remorse and returned within 24-48 hours of purchase because it happens. But a month.