Anyone use the DHL eCommerce program?


Just got an email about the service…

"Seriously though, what is this sorcery?

Simply put, DHL eCommerce is an Exclusive program designed to help eCommerce retailers grow their online businesses by giving them the ability to offer their products to an international market. With better rates and service levels, eCommerce retailers have a chance to compete on an international level against big box retailers. We can’t really tell you how we were able to get those rates. You’re just going to have to trust us when we tell you that 2016’s going to be your year.

Who’s it for?

The eCommerce program was created by DHL specifically to benefit the Canadian eCommerce market from both price and performance perspectives, so if you sell your products through a Canadian online business, go wild!"

Some interesting rates to the US and Overseas. Haven’t really checked to see if I qualify (my gut it that you need some big numbers)… I was just curious if anyone here uses it. Always looking for shipping options.


I can’t speak to DHL’s performance in Canada but, based on my experience as a customer of US based retailers that use them, I would pass. I have a US delivery address. Every time that I see that the package is coming to me to that address via DHL, I know it is going to be late. I have gotten more free stuff because they didn’t deliver when they said they would that if I was the retailer, I would be questioning why I was using them. I can only assume that the service would be the same in Canada and on that basis, I wont use them. Ever.


See attached screen shots for some rates.


There are a lot of angry complaints about DHL online. They must be cutting corners and providing bad service. But they are cheap, apparently. Can you give us some examples of the rates they’re offering? The rates in their online rate tool are way too expensive. Couldn’t find any domestic rates. For their international rates, they want more than $50 to send a box to the States that Canada Post charges me around $24 for. Mail might take longer but it gets there, without charging the buyer extra fees, and it’s more affordable.


The USPS doesn’t charge $17.01 for 2 ounces.

There must be info missing from those pics.


I’m sure they are talking Canada Post… not USPS.


Not a domestic USA shipping rate.

I would assume it is Canada Post shipping to to the USA.
But the values do seem suspect, since Canada Post does not use pounds.
First weight range is 0-500g (or 0 to 17.5 oz // 0 to 1.1 pounds), so the 1 pound cost should be the same as the 2 oz cost.


I was talking to someone yesterday that ships 2,500 units a month across the US out of Portland. The units are all exactly the same but vary in weight from month to month weighing in at anywhere from a pound to a pound and a half. They use DHL and it costs $3 per unit for shipping. However, the shipments are not time sensitive d he’s not going to fire himself from his own business if some of the deliveries are late.


from the website: “Customers are required to drop off all their shipments at DHL eCommerce hub in Mississauga or ship their parcels consolidation to the hub via UPS, Purolator or FedEx.”


My guess on those prices is they are comparing the fastest delivery rate of the post office with the slow delivery rate of DHL. They may be comparing the rate of the post office for two or three day delivery because packages going from Pearson to Heathrow would only take a couple days.

For example, Canada to India would be fast if it’s going to Delhi. If it’s going to a small city, it will take weeks. A shipment from Canada to England will be quick if it’s going to London. If it’s going elsewhere, it will take much longer as it has to go through the mail system.

Based on what others say about slow delivery, I suspect their transition from plane to mail systems takes a long time.


Thanks for the pictures. I’m going to assume those are DHL’s Canadian dollar prices for shipping from Pearson to those countries. The comparison with Canada Post looks generally accurate, except the weights are in Imperial and I’m not going to bother checking to see if they match.

> {quote:title=Greenmunch wrote:}from the website: “Customers are required to drop off all their shipments at DHL eCommerce hub in Mississauga or ship their parcels consolidation to the hub via UPS, Purolator or FedEx.”{quote}

This would be an issue. You need to live in or near Mississauga, or have heavy volume to make it worth shipping multiple boxes to Mississauga first. Even when I used to live in Toronto, I wouldn’t want to drive out to some warehouse in Mississauga every day. It could take half a day with the traffic. I don’t have time for that and hiring a courier to take it to DHL would probably eliminate the savings or worse. And now I’m in a different province so…

Then there are all the complaints about DHL’s service. Is it worth saving money if the courier is causing customers to leave bad feedback, leading to lower sales.

Still, those prices are interesting enough to look into it. I avoid selling overseas because it’s impossible to compete using Canada Post or the other couriers. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


I use DHL eCommerce international services from the USA through a local consolidator. They have a wide variety of services that are comparable to what the USPS offers but probably 25-50% cheaper. I am very happy with it–but you have to realize you need to be using the right service for the right package to the right country, and communicate realistic expectations to your customers. For low cost items my customers have the options of a non-trackable service for a $4-6, and trackable for about $9–this is usually packages under 8 oz valued at $30 or less.

I have used the domestic USA service and don’t use it anymore–much better just with USPS. But don’t equate the international with the domestic service.


Just curious if you would be willing to share the name of your consolidator? I find that to be an interesting option. I was denied a DHL e-commerce account because I cant ship 100 units a week (mostly because right now all of my shipments to Europe sent via USPS were being returned to me because people would not pay customs fees).

I am really hoping to find a solution so that I can expand back into Europe!



Please open a new thread for your particular situation.

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