Anyone sell on the Sears or Newegg Marketplaces? Good or bad experience?


The funny thing is… I have been around long enough that I remember peeps saying Amazon was never going to compete with eBay… Amazon is only as big and successful as they are BECAUSE of the 3P sellers they love to abuse… We provide probably over half of the SKU’s on Amazon. Any marketplace can be viable if enough sellers populate it with stuff people are looking for. Until then, of course the sales will be light.


eBay is the only decent option and the discounts they’ve added on fees for being a power seller and/or top ranked seller are very good. Depending on what you sell, if you have access to wholesalers you can be a mega seller in less than two years as they only let you increase product limits once per month by up to 100%.

We have several hundred thousand items listed at any given time in eBay and sales have always been good. most of our Amazon sales are domestic while most of our eBay sales are international.

The only other option that had some potential over the past 3 years was 11main. We had a few thousand sales on there but when alibaba sold it to opensky everything stopped and we shut it down. They had no fees for a very long time because they were attempting to gain U.S. market share. so eBay, Amazon and/or your own website are really the only viable options.

Rakutan the company that owns handles aggregation on the Sears marketplace and others. So if you open a rakutan account - which is not worth it - you will be listed on the Sears marketplace which interestingly enough also advertises on amazon.

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I’ve been selling online for 14 years and have grown it to a very large operation.

It just comes down to your supply chain and pricing. If you have access to mainstream products at competitive prices of course you can succeed. The average person doesn’t pursue those avenues believing it is off limits and only accessible to “people at the top” – how do people get to the top? They climb the ladder…


I haven’t tried Sears or Newegg marketplaces yet, but I’m going to open accounts with them this year. I, too, am fed up with Amazon’s increasingly impossible standards, new metrics measurements, and willingness to allow buyers to continually scam sellers with the A-z guarantee.

Rakuten keeps bugging me to sign up with them. I tried them a couple years ago, but they didn’t offer a gift message option, and that’s a deal breaker for me, but hopefully they’ve added that capability since. I’ll check them out again.

eBay is out for me. I can’t sell my stuff at the garage sale prices buyers expect there.

Does anyone have any experience selling on Overstock?

What other marketplaces are there?

I can’t remember now who in this thread mentioned ChannelAdvisor, but thanks. I will be looking into that as well.


The impression I am getting from this discussion is that these selling platforms are like Pyramid Schemes which only enrich the people at the top. The people at the bottom lose everything. The selling platforms charge fees, storage charges, commissions and you name it, then they run away leaving sellers broke and with nothing to show for their hard work. You can never get rich here or make enough money to survive on. This is pyramid and pure deceit.


eBay has it’s faults, but they back their sellers significantly better than Amazon. I once sold a CD (from the USA) and shipped it internationally (USPS) to the UK and tracking said it had been delivered. The customer said it had not been delivered, and eBay backed me. There was not even signature confirmation. eBay does not tolerate the blatant customer abuse against it’s sellers. Amazon not only tolerates, it, but virtually gives classes on how to become skilled at it.

I mostly sell CDs, and I have many repeat customers, which cuts down on this type of abuse, but when I have sold text books and DVDs, it was a nightmare.


I totally agree. Even though I don’t encounter it as often, must be because I don’t sell as much, but when there is an issue I feel Amazon has complete lack of care for seller’s protection, zero.
I have also contacted the post office, and was told it was delivered, regular mail carrier, gps, and all but Amazon doesn’t care. Why then they rate us on whether or not we include tracking? It is useless for our protection. If they want this to be their policy, then it should come out of their pocket.


sell on both but sales are not even close compared to Amazon but they are not near as strict as amazon and thats a plus


Sears Yes for 3 years, Does not work very well… had to walk away from Sears… they dont get it… Newegg look very carefully at the Seller Agreement. They have a few Surprises for you …


Customers are catching on to the way the name Sears is being used to push
inflated prices. Sometimes they are inflated over 200 to 500 percent. We all need to make
a profit to exist, but we should be able to look in the mirror and like what we see sometimes.



None of these sites mentioned want small sellers anymore. The little guys are being pushed out which leaves a handful of big corp to rule.

The scammers flock here because it is all over the internet how easy it is to get free merchandise. I think Amazon’s goal has always been to eliminate all competition and rule it all.

Someone mentioned becoming a larger seller as time goes on. Some of us little guys do not want to do that. Prior to 2008 it was doable to make a living as a small guy. Well since then, they have the Chinese everywhere along with the big box stores. Ebay is no longer viable for the little guy, they pushed us out long ago.

Games over…go big or go home.


I know of about 6 sellers that are doing $500,000 a year plus with amazon and all of them are talking about getting off amazon for one reason only amazon don’t give a crap about them or them loosing money or them being scammed even when they have 100% proof. People can pretty much black mail you and amazon don’t give a crap and actually encourage it. In legal terms they break a few laws but who is going to change them? extortion and blackmail and grand larceny to list a couple. They will just take your money even if you are not at fault with sipping issues and no deliveries. Also even when some is 100% scamming you and proof is available they just file a A to Z claim and get there money and you get bad metrics and told you did nothing wrong. How horrible of a business model is this.

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I’ve been selling on both Bamazon and eBay for years now - result:

I really hate selling on Bamazon - they are the most seller unfriendly business out there. Bamazon is simply run by computer programmers who can only justify their jobs by developing new metrics to trip up sellers.

eBay is such a BETTER company to work with - they support sellers in every way. eBay will listen to BOTH the seller and buyer and make the right decision - Bamazon just lets their computers make decisions for them.


I have finally gotten tired of contacting USPS, FedEx and UPS when they deliver someone else’s products to my door. I don’t see my neighbors calling around to see if someone received their delivery. I don’t see my neighbors bringing deliveries to me.

I must assume that if I am receiving their deliveries, they must be receiving mine.

All of these items are lost at my doorstep going forward. I am not delivering to my neighbors on behalf of the carriers. I am not contacting the neighbors. I will leave packages out for the carrier to pick up on their next stop.

I believe your items are being mis-delivered. People are tired of contacting the carriers or senders or neighbors with mis-deliveries. This system maybe beginning to tumble if I am now so tired of it.

Multiply my sentiment by the millions of people this is happening to and this could be the problem we are all experiencing.

An A-Z claim is easy. No holding on line. No more listening to teleprompters to figure out what button to push next. No hang ups. No broken communications. A-Z claim process is a success for our entitled population.


You should start using FBA. That is the only way you can keep your sanity. It’s actually not more expensive when you factor in lost orders and people claiming they didn’t get their stuff, despite tracking saying they did, and you don’t have to ship individual orders yourself or do customer service. Really a win win. I switched over because I was afraid my account would get closed. Amazon is super strict about little things. Also if the package is late or damaged Amazon will remove any negative feedback as that was their fault. Also items sell way faster. Switch over and you will see your stress levels go down. Trust me.


Same here…looking for new venues in 2016. I’m extremely tired of Amazon backing the buyers, not the sellers. That’s why i left Ebay. Amazon is Allowing the buyers to blackmail and extort us for free merchandise, seller support that doesn’t speak english and giving our U.S.A jobs to overseas idiots, believing the buyers over the sellers, stupid unnecessary metrics that benefit the buyers NOT sellers, and all other kinds of $hit that Amazon allows the buyers to do. Giving the buyers all the leverages in our sales, giving them our merchandise, giving them our money, taking our money…all while giving us sellers “the business” There’s got to be something better out there! Amazon will soon find themselves in the same spot Ebay was in about 5 years ago when all the sellers left to go somewhere else because of how they were treating the sellers. Ebay learned though, and has gotten much better I heard, so I’m going to give them another try and reactiate my seller account there again in 2016. I’ve also got a few other venues I’d like to try. One is


I hadn’t even heard of yet. Checking it out now. Thanks for mentioning it.


I’m looking to do the same, did you open either one of them?, jan


I wanted to sell on Newegg (a few years ago) but it was like trying to get ungated here. I just gave up.

Rakuten or whatever they called was BEGGING me to sell on their platform, but they want a pile of money upfront day one and min 3 month contract.

None of them seem to be willing to let you “take a taste” 1st, like Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy.


Helpful “5” no “30” Hmmm, that makes an interesting statement.