Anyone notice Amazon keywords organic ranking changed dramatically just sicne 2 days ago?


I got this email today from Amazon regarding this issue


Finally saw this thread again but it’s not totally fixed. How about you @Goodyear? I still see a large amount of random under-performers on the top and the top sellers sprinkled here and here.


Finally saw this thread again but it’s not totally fixed. How about you @Goodyear? I still see a large amount of random under-performers on the top and the top sellers sprinkled here and here.

I think it’s almost back to normal but there are still a few stragglers / keywords that are not working properly and I think it’s because of this issue below:

When I search for my main keyword (let’s use the keyword “pillow” for this example), searching it displays 10,000 results when searching under the standard “All Department” search. This search should cast the widest net and include the most search results but despite this, my product is not ranked. CONTEXT: I am a top seller in my category and have always been on the first page for the past few years.

However, when I narrow down the pillow keyword to a category specific search “Home & Kitchen”, it displays 3X the results and reveals 30,000 results AND my product is suddenly ranked on the first page like it was displaying previously. Search results for the most part are still same for the most part too. If I’m not mistaken, searching only “Home & Kitchen” should narrow down the search results because you are now searching just 1 category, as opposed to multiple ones.

Mods, I’m still waiting for your thoughts on this. I think this is the last thing that needs to be fixed for this search issue people have been experiencing :blush:

cc: @Chris_Amazon @SEAmod


Hi everyone,
This issue is not resolved for us. I still have an open case in brand and every few days I’m told it’s fixed. It isn’t. We’ve had multiple users test this on phones/desktop by clearing cookies/history/cache and we/they still cannot find our product using the first two words in our title. As this isn’t a consolidated case across Amazon it seems that certain teams are not looped in and have not been able to address this definitively for us. Our product title is unique and the combination of the first two words have always immediately displayed the product in position 1 in results. In this case, 80+ results are returned on these specific words and none are our product and don’t relate to our product. Thoughts?


Have you tried doing a category specific search? So if you’re in home & kitchen, try searching those first two words but select the category you’re in?

See my last post.


How’d you get in contact with Amazon’s Executive Seller Relations?


You spam or make a ruckus on seller central forums.


Mods pls wake up!!!


The search ranking for my products are fine (Health & Household). However, when I type in pillow, mattress, anything in the “Home & Kitchen” category, it seems to be displaying more results when you do a filtered search vs an ALL search. Mattress under an “Any Department” search shows 1,000 results, whereas Mattress under “Home & Kitchen” displays 30,000 results. A bit uncanny :confused:

The search for certain keywords is definitely broke for certain keywords & categories IMO unless Amazon is intending for the search to work this way (which doesn’t really make any logical sense from an algorithm/revenue perspective for Amazon). Would like to hear more about this.


How did you manage to get an email from someone in Executive Seller Relations? I was hitting a dead end with seller support. They’d tell me there was no problem and close the case.


It’s luck / persistence.


I can see my product ranking for my main keywords but only in incognito mode.

The “all departments” vs “category specific” search is still persisting. Mods, can you please contact me?


Certainly luck if you went through seller support to get to them. You’d get small odds on winning the lottery lol.


Better chance posting in the forums or emailing They responded to my email one time.

Mods - still waiting on y’all. Help me out pls.


@SEAmod Still waiting for your response to my issue that you said you would help if it was persisting after 24 hours. Thank you.


Are you also seeing weirdness in times of the day affecting rankings?

I have a top selling product on a keyword and recently it fell down to page 2… but after 12pm PST it shoots back up to position 1, its so odd.


Don’t know about exact timing but I am seeing times affect search ranking throughout the day. My ranking seems to be normal on Firefox and the # of search results “all departments” captures is greater when you narrow it down to a specific category like “home & kitchen”. But on Safari and Chrome, everything is messed up for me. Haven’t tested other browsers.


Yeah wow I didn’t notice that a browser would affect the rankings as well - super odd… not sure why this makes sense.


This might explain why I went from 1 pm Thursday to 10 am Sunday with no Amazon orders, and none since the 10 am Sunday order. Fortunately for me, my eBay sales are better than normal over the same time period.


It doesn’t lol. Opera, Firefox & Internet Explorer seem to be displaying ranks normally for me. But no one uses those browsers. Incognito for Safari and Chrome works too.

@SEAmod said she was having one of her researchers look into this issue for me but haven’t heard back in a few days.