Anyone know how to get answers about DVD Ungating?


I sell books, have over 18,000 feedbacks, and 99% lifetime positive rating but I have a few DVDs, mostly Curriculum DVDs from a Christian Publisher. I was approved to sell these but in 2014 or 2015 Amazon changed the strictures and I had to reapply. I was turned down because I didn’t have three invoices within 3 months. I had one with 30 DVDs on it so I ordered 2 more on two invoices and was told I was not approved for “Proprietary reasons.” Amazon outsources seller service, mostly to India I suppose, and I have trouble even understanding half of what they are saying or writing. I finally was told that ONE of the invoices was OK (the one that had 30 on it) but the other two were not. Not enough quantity I guessed.

More recently one of my main book suppliers, a HUGE distributor began to carry DVDs so I thought it might be my chance. I ordered at least 3 of six different DVDs on three different invoices. I was told that I was not approved because the invoices didn’t have the physical addresses just a PO Box. Correct, that’s where they want checks mailed to. I explained that to my Indian service representative but was told sorry, no physical address no approval. They went on to say that if I got my company to resend the invoices with physical addresses I would likely be approved. I asked my source company representative to do that and she did. I resent them to Amazon and was told “not approved due to Proprietary reasons.” I asked for a call from someone for whom English was their first language and later received a call from Sidhara, or some such name, and when I finally understood what she was saying she said - “not approved for proprietary reasons.” They always add that I should reapply but I am not going to keep on ordering DVDs without knowing if I can sell them.

I am one VERY frustrated seller.


When the gating was implemented in late 2014 there were many discussions on the forums about what the ‘real’ criteria was for approval. Although it is not documented in the criteria section of the ungating process, quantity is one such attribute Amazon evaluates to determine approval or not.

The general consensus was that 30 units per invoice appeared to be the magic threshold for approval. We got approved in the DVD category when it was gated in 2014 and our invoices had 80 total units or more per invoice spread across a few SKUs.

Keep in mind that Amazon may have different unit thresholds depending on the distributor and could explain the variance in those topics. Since no one is going to advertise their supplier, it is difficult to know a true magic number.


It is very hard to get approved for DVDs. You pretty much have to buy 100s of DVDs from Amazon approved distributers.


Did you ever have any luck figuring this out? I am in a similar position as you. I find it funny that I cannot resell the exact same items I have bought directly from amazon. They won’t accept their own receipts for ungating. Ironically, I can “trade in” the items to amazon for pennies and they resell them for market value.

I gave up on this for a while until I noticed Goodwill, the thrift store, has authorization to sell in a restricted category. I would love to know how that happened!


Does anyone have a list of who are the approved distributors?


The very same thing happened to me. I tried three different times. I had three invoices with 600 DVDs. At first they told me no because the invoice had a PO box. I had the company change the invoice and then I got the very same “proprietary” email that you got. Very frustrating.


Amazon won’t confirm but as nearly as I can tell you need to have 3 invoices within 6 months and each needs 30 DVDs or more. You also need to have them from an “approved vendor.”

You also need to meet certain minimum performance requirements but those are easy.

Good Luck!

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