Anyone having their restock limits reduced?


Anyone having their restock limits reduced? Mine has gone down significantly. I can’t even send anything anymore.

Storage limit cut massively?

Ummmm - Everyone had their restock limits reduced about 5 weeks ago.

Ours was cut 66%. Everyone is down to roughly being able to hold 4 months of unit sales at FBA. That should be enough and it’s certainly better than the 20-30 days that the limit was cut down to at times during 2020 / 2021.

You were here, don’t you remember that? The benchmark has not changed since the initial cut which is good.

If you are seeing a level that is way below 4 months, you may want to check to ensure you don’t have any shipping plans open that were never shipped. Those go against your limit, even in some “draft” status.

It does look like Amazon has added some level of seasonality to the algorithm finally so if your sales don’t move really well in Q4, you may see something slightly less than expected. Amazon has a few years of data points on your account.

A sudden and dramatic drop in restock limit

Do you use AGL?


No. Our products are made in the USA.


ours was cut form 134k to 31k. what a mess


Ours is reduced from 24400 to 12200. I am in red now and cannot ship anymore. This is not even factoring for 3 months of sales volume. What is the solution ?


Ours is reduced to less than 2 months of sales, they need to fix this urgently


So, ours is reduced from 20000 to 8000 yesterday. I really don’t understand what’s going on. I am getting limit alarm :confused:


Ours was reduced to around 100 units over current inventory yesterday. Today it was reduced further to around 350 units below what we currently have there and we can no longer create new shipments. I understood the reduction at the beginning of the month but how often are they going to be changing the limits? Is it going to be a daily thing? At the current level I can’t keep stock at the level that Amazon themselves recommend.


Our limit on Amazon US is now less than 10000, whereas our limit on Amazon DE (germany FBA) is 70000+
Why the drastic difference? Our limit on Amazon US used to be 35000 a few weeks ago…

We manufacture our own goods in the UK, and ship from UK to the US (as well as DE).

We are now almost 2000 units overstocked on Amazon US. If this continues, it is unlikely for us to be able to ship anything that will arrive in time to catch the seasonal sales.

What is going on??


this week Monday they dropped and then again yesterday… I bet amazon doesn’t have the labor force to receive the stuff or they received containers of " AZ Basics " consuming all available space. if I was amazon I would be like YES send more in Q4 as storage fee’s are what 2-3 x’s normal …


Deja vu. This is exactly what happened last year. Nobody is happy about it, but nothing we can do. Really sucks that Amazon doesn’t treat its sellers with enough respect to hold limits stable this time of year.


yeah, it just creates outages for amazon customers of items and disrupts the supply chain… we will for sure dial back our USA manufacturing focused on AZ and cut AZ ad spend and redirect ad dollars on google and our local brick and mortars.


My limits dropped on Monday AND again this morning.

Now under 2 months of sales. This is getting ridiculous…


Does this happen every year on FBA US?

We only started FBA US this year. We manufacture our goods in the UK, and do not use AGL or whatsoever. We have been doing FBA in the UK, and Germany. On Amazon UK and DE, the limit will shoot up drastically in the last 3 months of the year, and start to come down again in Jan and Feb.

On Amazon US we are seeing the opposite… Our limit was 20000 - 30000 in September, and gone down drastically to 10000 now.

If this is the norm on Amazon US, we will definitely have to re-strategize our FBA planning for the US warehouses…


We usually have 95,000-100,000 units in stock at any given moment. Our storage limit was about 200,000 units a few months ago. It was reduced to 130,000 units last month. It was reduced to 99,000 yesterday and now 84,000 today.

This definitely puts a hardship on us going into Q4. Our warehouse here is going to fill up soon, meanwhile we will also go out of stock with our inventory in FBA.

I can put in a removal order for some of the inventory and adjust our shipments so we only send 2 weeks of inventory for our SKUs, but it gets extremely time consuming and creates much more work for us here.

Some direction from Amazon would be VERY helpful. For example: Knowing the schedule of the inventory restock re-adjustments. Dates (or days of the week) when they will change and also provide a preview on the new limits on the bottom of the shipment page. Similar to how it shows your future storage volume limit based on your IPI score. This would help us all plan better and be the better selling partners Amazon claims they want us to be.


My inventory limit changed four times in the span of 48 hours. It was 17k went down to 9800, up to 11,100 and now 7,800. I sell about 3500 a month and recently received the Amazon best seller badge. The new inventory limit is barely enough for 2 months sales. How are we supposed to have enough inventory in stock given it takes 45 days for inventory to come from China and arrive at Amazon warehouse and an additional 2 to 3 weeks to be checked in during the holidays?

Lesson learned, next season If I am still around, I will create shipping plans to suck up the maximum inventory limit before end of Q3, so I don’t have to worry about Amazon mood swings.


Yes, same thing happened to me.

I had room yesterday, so I figured I’d wait until next week and send another shipment with even more room.

Nope. Now I’m well over. From now on, whenever I get some extra room, I guess I’m just going to have to send something before it gets cut.


Apparently the “NEW PERSON” that was hired to create expert inventory algorithms needs to be sent back to pull orders in the warehouse.


We got cut as well, down from a high of 55000 in August to 13000 now. We are well under 3 months now and they promised 4.

Really strange about this is that usually the restock limits are calculated and changed 1 time per week (Sunday night into Monday morning, but now they are doing it daily.