Anyone have a MWS Developer profile submission example I can take a look at? Trying to appeal my application


Would be helpful to get an idea of what I’m missing on some of the questions.


There is not a set of “correct” answers. The answers depends on your computing environment. I recommend:

  1. Study these rules like you are about to take a college exam:

  2. Adjust your computing environment to meet the rules.

  3. Answer the questions according to your adjusted computing environment.

  4. If you need help understanding the rules or adjusting your computing environment, you are allowed hire someone to help you per #8 of the FAQ:

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Hi David, I appreciate the links. I nonetheless would appreciate seeing an example submission to give me an idea of what Amazon is looking for in a successful application.


I understand. From my point of view, Amazon would not look favorably upon a company who posted their sucessful assessment submission here. I think they could be at risk of loosing their own access. I will not be posting mine. :slight_smile: The reason is it would be tempting for companies to take that and copy/paste it and submit it instead of taking the rules seriously. We will see if someone is willing to post their sucessful assessment here.

Amazon is looking for each company to study the rules on their own, take a serious look at their computing environment, implement the rules, then answer on the assessment how the rules have been implemented in their environment.

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Hey David any idea if submitting a profile that does NOT request PII access in order to get set up with MWS inventory functions will allow you to subsequently follow up and request PII access?


Looking at the Data Protection Policy here…

Note section 1 applies to everyone who has MWS/SP-API access. Section 2 applies only to those with PII access. Therefore, if you uncheck the restricted roles and if you meet the security rules in section 1, then you should get approved for non-PII access.

You can then later change your application to request a restricted role. When you do that, you will need to provide a good reason you need the PII along with confirmation that you are in compliance with the security rules of section 2.

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