Anyone else getting items in the Fix suppressed listings Area?


Out of nowhere I see 12 items in the Fix suppressed listings.

They are suppressed for the strangest reasons, Mostly “Color” field.

But these are items where “Color” isn’t an important attribute…like shampoo.

Do they want the color of the shampoo? the color of the bottle?

I understand for clothing but dental floss? & Why Suppress it??

I See the FBA sellers are still listed.


I also see a few that are suppressed & when I go to edit the item to find the issue with it - it has NO exclamation points & no issues.


Yes, I primarily sell video gaming items. I could see why color/size is an essential attribute worth removing a best-selling item for… :S

Seriously, though best-selling items are unavailable (xbox games, playstation games, controllers, etc…). Come on!


Same here. I had about 12 and they are old listings. When I went to fix the listing there was no red mark to show what part of the listing was the problem. So I click finished and I received a note the listing was fixed. I can’t figure this out at all. They want a picture in the listing for one but it is a major blu-ray DVD with lots of pictures. None of it makes sense.


I have about 15, all books or comic books.

There are no indicators for any of the listings as to what may be wrong. (no red !) There is nothing for me to fix.

When I look at the listings for the books my offerings appear with everyone else’s.


I get them every few weeks. If it is asking for information that seems odd or irrelevant than check the category you have the item listed in - It may be wrong. Other than that I put in whatever info is being asked for.


I noticed that too, when you go to “edit details (fix listings)” there are no red caution markers in any of the tabs. Contacted seller support regarding it, not that I have much faith in their ability to help resolve it.


I had 2 suppressed for color and size. One was a toy, and one a dvd. Both of them I had zero stock on, so I just deleted both products.


What did they promise to do?

All the listings of mine that they suppressed that I have in stock are still showing in the listing as available.


A few Inactives also moved to Suppressed. Mine were concert DVDs, but the catalog pages got turned into Audio CDs by other sellers at some point.

I will just delete these for now, and will find a way to list them, if they will have proper catalog page in the correct category, DVD in my case - but this is not a Movie.

however, separate Audio CD was issued and the DVD is more expensive.


One item that is suppressed is this one:

Asin now shows “Package Qty 6” on the page - but when I look in my inventory the package qty = 1.

And everyone that was selling just 1 are gone.



Problem is there is nothing apparently wrong with the listings when you open them in inventory. It’s a simple enough problem to fix them manually, but when it doesn’t indicate a problem it’s puzzling (to put it nicely).


Same here…each time I sign onto seller central the number of items suppressed is higher. All of the items are audio CD’s. They were listed fine as of yesterday now starting today they’ve been suppressed asking for size/color…etc


No glitch - Amazon promised to do this over a month ago. They’re a bit around the bend on this one.

MODS - I’ve fixed many of mine, but they’re still showing. What to do?


I have about 150. CDs and books. Must be a glitch.


They are still showing available in the listing.


Yep, me too. Mine are toys and games and it’s asking for clothing size, color, and department. On hold with ss right now. Start as just a couple but is adding more and more. Up to 26 listings now.


Another example:

This asin had three options: single piece, 3 pack & 6 pack.

the single pack must have had 60 sellers on it. now it’s completely gone - including us.

So everyone must be suppressed…when I go to the sku to edit it - it’s suppressed due to color…now amazon customers can’t buy a single piece…crazy!


Took me 2 hours on the phone this morning to find out it is a known issue, and Amazon is working on it. It is a known glitch.


I suggest you check the item’s availability from the main Amazon home page. The listings appear to be available if you use the manage inventory function of your seller account but actual customers shopping on can not see your item. That is what suppressed means. YMMV