Any way to test SFP for software development without having live SFP orders?


Hello everyone,
Where I work, we’re looking at integrating SFP into the shipping options we offer customers. I have to try to build this support into a PHP web service. Where I’m currently stuck is how we are supposed to test SFP orders.

Our seller account is set up just for testing, so we have next to no real orders or inventory. Given that kind of account history, there’s no way we would be able to get SFP as an option on this account. That means there’s no way to test SFP orders, because we can’t even place fake ones for testing purposes.

My only other idea is to recruit one of our customers with SFP, but we’d have to order, then cancel, then order, then cancel, and so on. I’m worried about this hurting the customer’s metrics.

How do those needing to test SFP orders against their custom code do it? Is there a trick to this that I haven’t figured out? Amazon’s lack of any kind of sandbox or other testing environment has been a huge pain thus far, but SFP makes it much worse. If anyone has ways around this, I’d appreciate them. Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately there isn’t a test environment. Also SFP is different in the sense you also have to purchase labels through Amazon. You should look in to the Merchant Fulfillment API for more information.

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