Any good unofficial guidelines for forum use? Why do good topics suddenly disappear off the boards sometimes?


I was thinking to talk to MRSRoo to help her and sell a lot but i did not knew how to say it to her, Even though i don’t know who was that person.


@papyrophilia, you are a calm pool in the midst of turbulence.

Thanks for your reassurance, I was feeling remorseful…and still am.
The experience-which surprised me-- will cause me to guard my tongue more on the forum.


@Texas_Exile_Books, you responded to another user who had gone… off topic. That’s all. No need to guard yourself! :grin:

@Nebraska_Book_Husker, have you seen @Rushdie’s thread Forum Etiquette? The whole thread is helpful.

I recently added a post to include Discourse’s (the software upon which the Forum runs) posting guidelines. You will find then familiar! Click each triangle for the details to appear: Forum Etiquette.


Just say what your problem is and wait for a response. Mostly its Rants that are removed.


The Moderation Team may temporarily disable topics for further review. Off-topic replies and conversations that do not respect the time and energy of other sellers are also subject to removal, as has happened in this topic.

Sellers are welcome to message each other privately with questions or concerns that are not related to the original post.


Thanks again ! :slight_smile:


No, I did not see that thread . . . it is fantastic, thanks!




Thanks for letting us know this. It is definitely true, the only leaders on the forum now are Amazon employees. Except for discobot who is actually a bot. Thanks Amazon.


Sometimes posts are deleted for bad jokes… it has happened to me. Granted, I do think I have a bad sense of humor, but apparently my response of “just print another one” to a guy who needed another 3d printer was deemed worthy of deletion.


Don’t worry yourself Exile …I feel confident that your post had nothing to do with the closing of the thread. And thanks again for the well wishes !

Out of consideration for all that posted, the thread should have been closed in the manner that Susan closed it…with some kind of professionalism and explanation/notification.

Go train 'em the professional way to do things Susan ! :slight_smile:


Another thread disappeared just now: Amazon delaying all non essential FBA shipping until April 21.

Sorry you don’t have access to this topic!

Hope this is just temporary for moderator review. Sometimes threads disappear temporarily. Sometimes they disappear for good.


Maybe because the thread title is inaccurate because Amazon announcement says FBA delays are in effect until April 5 and NOT April 21.

Hopefully the moderators will just correct the title error and not kill the entire thread.


Another thread just disappeared. OP was looking for advice. His account got flagged for a velocity review and his funds are frozen and he is afraid he is going to have to fire 20 employees. I hope it got pulled because the mods are trying to help him! I didn’t see anything in the dialogue that violated forum guidelines??


Cool thing, when you read this, you get a badge. I see about three moderators listed as badge winners. How many of you have actually read the guidelines? Just curious?

@James_Amazon is one of them by the way. Thanks James!


Worth highlighting Rusdie’s excellent previous thread on this topic once again.

I do hope to see the topic on the seller who’s assets are frozen for velocity review returned as I think that is very beneficial to multiple sellers. Also, the information on SBA grants and loans included in the dialogue I found useful; and I was reading it when it was removed (which is extremely annoying!).


Hi @Nebraska_Book_Husker – For privacy reasons, comment cannot be provided about actions taken on specific topics; however, there are a variety of reasons why they are removed. It is not our intent to remove topics or replies that are within our guidelines. We encourage sellers to provide their honest feedback and constructive criticism, although it should be accurate and communicated in a professional manner.

Also, if a seller creates a topic that they would like deleted, they can flag it themselves and we will consider their request to remove it.


This is new. I thought the forums were about learning from other sellers. The thought that seller can request you vaporize a topic because they don’t want anyone else to see how they fixed an issue is slightly disturbing.


Thanks for the professional and eloquent address of the topic. I appreciate the reassurance that mods have no intention of wiping out interesting topics that seem to adhere to forum guidelines. And I trust your word in particular that that is the case since I know you are one of the mods who has for sure read the guidelines :)!


I agree, however, if the dialogue seems to be getting hijacked and getting out of hand or getting “uncivil,” I can understand how an OP might want to just wipe the whole topic from the board. I think it is fair for an OP to be able to request their topic be removed.