Any good unofficial guidelines for forum use? Why do good topics suddenly disappear off the boards sometimes?


Same here :grin::+1:


Ok, so unhinged commentary like this example might be one of the unofficial guidelines of what gets a thread yanked. I’d recommend keeping emotion out of comments where you are telling others to keep emotion out of comments :)!


I don’t know, that was the reason I posted this thread.


I’ve seen a lot of interesting threads removed. Seems like the interesting ones often devolve into something deemed inappropriate.

Guess I missed whatever caused Mrs Roo’s thread to be yanked. Last time I saw it, all seemed to be ‘civilized’.

Personally I like the chance to say goodbye and to thank people (before they leave) for the help they provided. Dislike when they just disappear (or are ‘disappeared’), whatever the reason might be.
Different story, of course, when someone just starts a ‘rant’ thread, threatening to leave.


The irony of that post cracked me up when I first read it.


I have no idea. I got locked out of 3 discussions so far. In 1, I pretty much just defended Amazon in a comment. So not hating Amazon got me banned from a discussion, I guess. Also another person said pretty horrible things to me in a reply to that comment, yet she was not banned from there. Makes no sense, but I guess it’s just the same situation here as on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. :frowning:


If something offends Amazon or you give out personal info the post will be deleted.


Forum “Leaders” can edit, lock, or hide posts but they cannot deleted them. (supposedly)


The “something offends” – usually only deleted after flagging by users

Personal information is often just edited out rather than having a post deleted.


MrsRoo2U post is now back.


Funny, I started to personalize it thinking I mentioned something that was against rules for us remaining Amazonians.
Took a deep breath and realize there have been many threads discontinued - always wondered why…is there a REAL answer?


I have not seen that in my time here. As a matter of fact, threads could, and often are, very harmful to Amazon when they continue to expand and run amuck. This is very perplexing since the forums are very public. Open to all, open to the press, open to competitors of Amazon.

And they do very well in the search engines, complicating the opportunity for exploitation by others.


Don’t mention nude selfies. Doubleplusungood.


Well, now that is interesting . . . I’ve never seen a thread disappear totally and reappear before. Uncharted territory here??


It was a Amazon Moderator mistake is all can think of, i think i know why all that happened.



I am afraid I am at fault here in what I posted in @ MrsRoo2U’s farewell thread. My response to another poster was hidden/then flagged.

A first for me.
Guess I should have removed/cancelled the post-but by the time I returned to the thread on a busy Sat.-- too late.

My response, veering on international politics, to another poster had nothing, nothing to do w/ Mrs. Roo or her departure. She was nice and generous enough to accept my apology.

I often get my IRISH up-one of the few pleasures left to the elderly is to speak one’s mind- thus receiving the title of grumpy old woman, which I admit I am.

Again. I grovel if my “bad” behavior caused the thread to be removed!!!


Trust me it was no one’s fault it was just a amazon Moderator mistake, nothing more.
When people do mistakes, few repent and do what is right, so did Amazon.


@usedbooks2ya, @just_for_fun_s, and @PointOfLight–yes, @bunga_bunga is a longtime veteran Forum member who posted a thread in the fall indicating that they intended to scale back their business and step away from the Forum. To my knowledge, their topics are still around…and maybe they are, too, from time-to-time.

@Texas_Exile_Books, I saw it all. Nothing you did shut down the thread at all, friend. You were a model of contrition, and no one would suspect you to have been doing anything inappropriate. Not your fault. See below. :hugs:

@Nebraska_Book_Husker and all, Moderator Susan posted the following in @MrsRoo2U’s thread:

Hello Sellers,


We are sorry to see you leave the marketplace. Thank you for sharing your experience as a seller with the other sellers. We are closing this topic now. We appreciate the social aspect of this thread, and we allowed it to develop. However, we believe it is best to close it now.

The Moderators wish you the best as you move away from selling on Amazon.



Forum leaders appear to have been returned to regular users as Amazon has hired more staff to moderate the forum.


A much better way to wrap up that thread than to delete it. Thank you to Susan. Understand the desire for that conversation to not just go on and on, but when a thread doesn’t apparently violate the ROE (rules of engagement) and just disappears . . . that is very confusing to forum users.

As far as a unoficial basic guideline for how the forum should be used . . . my proposal: shoot for civil discourse, welcome all perspectives and opinions, but do not badger, call names, or generally treat other sellers in a way that you would not want to be treated yourself. Oh . . . and unhinged ranting and raving like someone in desperate need of psychotropic intervention is out!

Cheers! And good luck to MrsRoo2U . . . glad your good bye post is posted for posterity :)!