Any good unofficial guidelines for forum use? Why do good topics suddenly disappear off the boards sometimes?


Curious as to the rules on this board and how they are applied. It seems really good topics sometimes are simply deleted outright by the moderators; . . . sometimes I can see why . . . we get off topic and discussion doesn’t relate to selling on Amazon. I can understand that. The latest one was a viral topic with a long time seller simply saying goodbye. Can’t be because of griping and venting about Amazon as this takes place regularly in the forum??

I’m confused. When these kinds of topics just get cut . . . it doesn’t inspire trust in me as a user of the forum. Any basic guidelines from veteran users of the forum as to how the rules of the forum use are really applied, knowing that there are the rules Amazon lists and then there are the application of those rules, and then I’ve been told that there are sometime proprietary standards that I’m not allowed to be told what they are for certain things (interesting . . . but I’m still expected to comply with them).

A business relationship is about building trust, allowing open dialogue in this forum is a good thing . . . and in this situation, allowing some open grieving I think was of benefit. Of course, when it becomes vitriolic mud slinging or degenerative and an unproductive waste of time it doesn’t serve either Amazon or the sellers.

Any thoughts or advice on how to effectively use the forum for the benefit of all or proposed guidelines for forum use to keep us from getting knocked off line by the evident Orwellian censors??


This should help:


I’ve read that thanks! I’m talking about when we seem to be complying with those guidelines, but a topic doesn’t seem to be to the liking of Amazon so it gets deleted for some reason that isn’t written here . . . what are those unwritten rules. Thanks!


Who can delete the forum threads?


Perhaps Amazon thinks when sellers are busy saying goodbye, they aren’t helping others on the forum.

According to recent polls, Amazon has asked us if we have confidence in the seller forums to help sellers.

How can they help with goodbye threads?


@Nebraska_Book_Husker, sometimes an OP is more of a personal “rant” than a question or heads up–I’ve seen those end up “disappeared”.

Sometimes there are a lot of flags from the community, so threads will automatically “lock” for 4 hours. If that happens (especially more than once), mods might lock or disappear it.

But often, things happen like this from today: Account verification after vacation?.


@Nebraska_Book_Husker, I didn’t realize that @MrsRoo2U’s thread was deleted until now…though I had noticed that some posters were criticizing her choices, business model, etc, rather than offering best wishes. Maybe the other users replying unkindly in that type of thread caused it to be disappeared?

I noticed the same thing recently with @bunga_bunga’s farewell thread–some responses were nasty, and it was also disappeared. :thinking:


If goodbye threads are full of only good wishes, they tend to be quite boring and also misleading regarding a seller’s popularity when only one type of response is allowed or acceptable.

It seems egotistical for sellers to start threads to say goodbye and expect everyone will miss them and say kind things.


I disagree. That’s just reading things into it.

It is merely a courteous way of disappearing.


Thanks April …and that was my intent.
I’ve been around a long time. When I first took over the business I had a lot of questions and much to learn. Thanks to you and many others , I was and remained successful for a lot of years.
This forum deserved my post saying how very much I’ve apprciated their guidance and help over my years here.

So once again, whether other sellers or Amazon likes it or not , I’ll say Thank you again to everyone who offered me their kindness and courtesies for 15 years .

It’s very sad to see what Amazon and this forum has come to over the years …


I was not being at all being egotistical or expecting to be missed… that’s simply not my nature. But it is in my nature to be grateful and appreciative.
If that’s wrong …then so be it !!

How dare you judge me or my intent.



Regarding my quote above, it was not meant against you personally although I did respond to the example mentioning you posted by papyrophilia. I was actually thinking of a different seller at the time and had no participation on your thread. I tend to avoid farewell threads because it seems like only one kind of response is allowed instead of diverse discussion.

It may not have been your intention to be egotistical, but seller responses (if they respond at all) seem to require kind compliments or say nothing at all.

Good luck to you and please don’t take what I said personally.




Apparently you are leaving?

Sad to see you go. Best of luck…


Like when I was told by seller support that the criteria for offensive material was proprietary and they couldn’t tell me why a book I sold was offensive so I could avoid listing offensive material in the future . . . I think that kind of arbitrary crap is despicable. I imagine I eventually will get kicked off of Amazon because I get pissed off when I see people mistreated enough.


I don’t know if it’s arbitrary, but it definitely is not something that SS would share–if they know it themselves. :wink:

You sound pretty conscientious–you might be surprised at how long you survive!


I am Maintak, my time has come, and thanks for all of your help and support over the years …very much appreciated !

Thank you.


Amazon Mods, or Seller Mods that Amazon trust… they could be regular forum posters - so they can police the forum sometimes quicker that Amazon… plus they have a proven track forum record on keeping the forums safe and on topic… I’ve come across a few Seller Mods during my time… once you get to know who they are - things will be clearer - and you learn what to post (and not)


Why was your post removed?

I noticed it gone this morning and although I did not read all of it, I did not encounter anything that would make me think it needed to be deleted.


WTH was that ?


Thanks, I hope so, despite the frustrations I intend to stick it out for some time.