Any API call to get to get real-time title of a listing? (ie: not generating a report)


To sync with our internal database, I’m looking for an API call that I can supply an ASIN and get a “real-time” (immediate) return with the title of the listing on Amazon. By real-time, I mean not having to wait for a report to be generated.

(A) Preferably we would like to do this before we have a SKU offer on the listing
(B) If A is not possible, then is there is a way to do it after a SKU offer has been placed on the listing?

We need this for staging purposes to sync with our internal database – when we are exporting a listing with a feed, we would like to have the title for reference until the listing is fully created… so option A would be optimal but we can work with option B and have a time delay to wait for the SKU to be created.

Does anyone know of a call that offers this? I know there are some real-time feeds like the repricing but I don’t think they show the title of the listing.



If you are using MWS the Producs API has a method name called ListMatchingProducts that returns the title attribute. If you are using SPA I believe it’s under the catalog item section under listCatalogItems.