Answer to your deactivated account/suspended account. Amazon Emprire


Um… Wrong. You are most definitely allowed to use the same email address. If you have been suspended because your account has been linked to another seller account, that is a completely separate situation.


These aren’t the “sellers accounts” you’re looking for. He can go about his business.


I am truly amazed Amazon didn’t immediately decipher and solve all of this… I mean, you gave them 30-50 chances?!? WOW


It looks like a mess with all those attachments so I’m not going to even bother with reading any of it


You’re my favorite.


So OP, the issue here is that Amazon deactivated your account for SOMETHING that isn’t mentioned in your post, correct?
I believe the screenshots of Walmart and Google are to show that they are better at communicating issues for resolution than Amazon is. I’m sure we could all agree that ANYONE (even OP) is capable of explaining resolutions to issues better than Amazon is.
But I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish here OP. Do you need help with how to get your account reactivated or are you just venting because of poor communication from Amazon?



I glazed over after about 10 sentences.

Could you lower the anvil, please?


1.Do not send 50 cases, only one is enough. Wait to receive the answer from the first one. It may take some time.
2.You are not allowed to have 2 Amazon accounts with the same email and you are not allowed to have 2 Amazon accounts on the same marketplace at all. You can link your regional accounts with the main one.
3.If you want help from the forum be very short and factual without your opinions. Just facts. I would re-write the post
4.“Empire” is used in a pejorative way here?


The empire striked back!


These are not the ASINs you’re looking for. :laughing:


Can someone show me the Empire policy that he is talking about?


Yep… repeatedly violating the Terms of Service usually leads to suspension of selling privileges, as you have discovered.

Does that surprise you?


Here, let me sum it up for you. They played AMAZON EMPIRE and LOST. Its a hard game for some people.


Sorry for that,as the format here is different from my Laptop


Hi,Friend,all these rules and policies are accessible on Amazon.



Is it just me or are there a lot of Amazon Suspended Me For Nothing threads lately. I admit they make me nervous, but then I think there must, in most cases, be more to the story than what the OP is presenting. I’m not sure what this OP presented, but you know what I mean, right?


Thanks for your precious reply and time.

Firstly,If one case suffient enough to resolve my complaints,why do I have to log other 50 cases?

Secondly,sorry for the different format of display here from mine on my laptop,and what I posted here are facts,I didn’t even put in a piece of my true personal view on it yet,if I did,the post here wouldn’t be this nice.

Thirdly,Empire here stands for Too big to take all selling contributors for granted.


Thanks for your reply and suggestions. Good Day.


That makes no sense… many of us use the same central email for different selling platforms… you would not be suspended for that


All I see when I try to read this post is that a seller that is spamming Amazon customer service which will make them take longer to reply to everyone else if they even bother going through all of this seller’s cases. That much spam doesn’t get faster replies and will essentially push the problem farther down Amazon’s list to even communicate about an issue. This seller has probably made their situation worse by sending in so many cases. Patience is a virtue, especially when waiting for a reply from seller support.