Answer to your deactivated account/suspended account. Amazon Emprire


Here’s my story and the worst-ever seller experience with Amazon,

As a bunch of respectable professional sellers are new or unfamiliar to Amazon Empire Policies and regulations,your accounts were,are or will be put on suspension,below is the root cause of my deactivated account,as most of our respectable sellers sign up with various seller accounts on various marketplaces WITH the SAME PRIMARY Email address and bank account in order to get our business organized and well-managed. But based on Amazon Empire Policies and Regulations,it’s NOT allowed to connect your AMAZON SELLER ACCOUNT with ANY other marketplaces even including Amazon Affialiates,such as Amazon AU,EU,JP,coz they are different companies,not the same company as most people thought.How did I figure out? I’ve made a thousand of calls to for suggestions or solutions,but there’s no one make a case for it clearly,always reinstating you’d better send our for further information.

Below is the screenshot I took from my seller account,I’ve made 30-50 cases for my issue and appeals,but there’s on one get back to me yet.

No Comparison,No Judgment,below are screenshots from Google Shopping,Walmart,Wish,Ebay ect.

  The three marketplaces definitely have made PERFECT definition on Business Cooperation,and Professional Resolution.

Google Shopping



Everybody knows AMAZON EMPIRE puts customers first,Sellers Second,but AMAZON,don’t forget who pays for skyrocketing commission fees.

Every minute to our sellers is money.

Hopefully,Amazon will get my issues resolved professionally like your rivals,Walmart ,Wish,Google Shopping.

Were there no sellers,how could you boost your sales performance annually? With your Amazon Generic Brand? Copycat. It’s Funny

Ultimatum TO AMAZON
Ultimatum TO AMAZON

I’m sorry… your story is… unreadable.


I’m not understanding either and the screen shots are way too tiny to read.


Guess it’s another related account suspension.:thinking::thinking:


MAYBE… I guess, but only the Empire knows…


But will it strike back? :wink:


I sense the account health is not strong with this one.:clown_face:


Where is R2 when you need him? :robot:


“Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design. We are quite safe from your pitiful little band.”


The fonts are too small as you could see from everyone’s comments here. Copy and paste Amazon’s first email and your subsequent correspondence. You can leave out Walmart. We only care about Amazon here.


Nail, meet hammer.

(Thank you, Dogtamer.)


I have tried reading this 5 times. I cant get through the first paragraph.


When I click on them they expand in size. Does it not do this for you?


I need a translator


Can you rewrite this using punctuation? Word salad is way too complicated for reading at this time of year.


This made my day. Thank you


Baby Yoda is crying


What is Amazon Empire?

Are you saying that because you used the same email address at Amazon, Wish, Wal-Mart, Google, etc, that Amazon suspended your account for this reason?


What in the name of literacy did I just try to read?

I’m guessing your account has been suspended?


Best seller, and it isn’t being released for another 5 months!