And here is the new JUST LAUNCHED SELLER one 24 hours later. Stealing money on 180,000 listings

Mom Nine Times Books Storefront


All the sellers on forum know this but amazon and customers think likewise


The forums should be 100% flooded with these posts until Amazon hears our cries. We’ve been ignored. Amazon at the very least needs to put out a public statement to the community on when it will be fixed or let us know if we should prepare to stop selling on amazon.

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Strictly speaking they aren’t Just Launched, they’re hacked. There is feedback back in 2011 and prior.

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Great. That’s even worse. No wonder amazon added 2 factor auth. Even if they remove all the fake just launched sellers, we’ll still have this stuff going on for a bit.

Hopefully not as bad.


What I find interesting / peculiar / inexplicable is that dormant accounts (I’m posting from one, for example, so I have direct evidence of this) tend to say things in Seller Central along the lines of “bulk upload has been disabled because this account is dormant”. If that is so, then how do are these hackers able to take over a presumably dormant account and become able to upload 100,000 items?

And why doesn’t Amazon find this sudden surge of capitalist fervor on the part of an account that has had no feedback for six years, and presumably no sales in a similar period, surprising? Surely it wouldn’t be that difficult to put in some checks for accounts that suddenly ramp like that after a long period of dormancy.

bunga bunga!


You will want to be sure and answer today’s seller poll: "I am confident that Amazon can support my business, both now and in the future ".


Reporting Just Launched and other Scam Sellers (Proper Format).


Thanks I already reported to the correct channels and will continue to post on these forums until Amazon either responds or explains a plan of action. Reporting here seems to get Amazon to block them quicker.

I’m losing thousands a day while Amazon seems to be unresponsive.


Ur assuming Amazon is reading ur posts and or gives a {Content Removed}

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