An you see how many people has watch your listing in amazon


can you see how many people has watch your listing in amazon


No. This is not eBay.

There is actually no such thing as a watch list on Amazon for physical products. There is a wish list, but you can’t see how many people have your product in their wish list.

(There is a watchlist for Amazon Instant Video.)


How does one “Watch” a Listing on Amazon, outside of adding something to their “Wish List”?



You can see daily page views of all your items if you have a professional account. Go to Business Reports, Sales and Traffic report, and then make sure the Page Views column is showing.

A Page View is the number of different people who looked at least once at your items that day. For example, 22,000 page views would mean that 22,000 +different+ people looked at your items. I do not think you can see how how many page views one particular item got, but I could be wrong I don’t use that report very much.


Nandj-if you have professional account,you can view reports and see the traffic etc on your items and also see what was your %age winning etc.Pretty cool feature if you are serious to analyse.


As a nonprofessional seller, I am unaware of such a feature. It would be interesting to have a counter of some kind, though, that could be added to your inventory list, don’t you think?

Mystical Rose


as a buyer…
there really is a watch list.
it is not called that though.
I watch the prices go up and down sometimes for weeks before I buy an item.
it is called adding it to your cart.
I watch over 200 items a day that way…
and when the price drops because of a tech snafu or a price war…
I am on it.

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