AMZ feedback removal fail. ASk for help and get threatened with suspension


I recently had a 1-star feedback left for an issue with an FBA order. The issue was with Amazon not my product. I did the feedback removal tool but the algorithm did not see it as an issue. I had AMZ call me and the guy said he would send it right over to the feedback removal department right away for removal. Two minutes latter I get a canned message that if I call them again I will be suspended. How can I get a human at AMZ help me without jeopardizing my business?


Really they threatened to suspend you!!! And this was FBA??? Surprised. The automated feedback removal process is awful using algorithms or Bots looking for keywords… and just as bad is actually opening a case and dealing with people or feedback removal team at Amazon as they just read what the customer says even though the customer may be lying, wrong or retaliating for not getting things in their favor (customers often times do not admit that they made a mistake or error or unhappy they did not end up with something for free). Well I guess you could probably respond to the feedback apologizing for the issue and any inconvenience that may have caused indicating it was shipped by Amazon and the delivery issue is Amazon’s fault.


This is not new. Amazon has stated that the ONLY way to remove feedback is via the feedback removal tool. If it fails, live with it. This is due to abusive sellers who would do exactly what you did to remove even feedback they had earned.

There are MANY threads about this.


I am not going to get into it with you, but you don’t even know the specifics of this. Constructive, helpful, and polite advice is greatly appreciated. Anything else will be ignored. Why are you trolling this thread if your not going to help instead of insult???