AMTU 2.6 - fulfillment-latency and merchant_shipping_group_name can't update in single txt file?


I was under the impression that the txt option int AMTU allowed MWS to parse the information from one file (rather than XML which runs under specific schema).

However when I try to upload a file with:

sku,fulfillment-latency,merchant_shipping_group_name (tab-separated not comma)

I get ‘unable to recognise feed type’ error. If I upload with just the sku and either or of the 2 other fields it goes through.

Does anyone know if there is a way to get both into a single feed file?


If you are uploading as an Inv. Loader file it “should” work with all 3. Not sure why it wouldn’t.



Yes that was my understanding. I will have to. do some more testing!