Amazon's Choice Badge Nothing Changes


Although my products are outselling and higher keyword ranking than another, the Amazon’s choice badge does not shift at all.

I’ve noticed this for many different keywords - it’s all been stagnant for many days now.

Anyone else experience the same?


There is no software that can prove nothing sells better than yours. Sorry


Are you saying JungleScout and Helium10 are not reliable as an estimation tool at all?


They are not and Amazon representatives have stated that at IRCE


Not only are they an estimate subject to error, but keyword ranking is irrelevant for many items on this site.

If the item has a sales history, its rank in results will be prioritized based on that, the search used to buy the product in the past, and not on relevance of keywords.

Many sellers assume that classic search engine optimization techniques work on the Amazon A9 Search. The A9 search is designed to find the shortest path to a sale, and uses proprietary techniques to do so.

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