Amazon's Algorithm for Identifying unlicensed Natural Health Product Number is broken


We received notice over three months ago that one of our best selling ASINs on is “recalled, prohibited, or violates copyright/trademark and is not available for sale because the product was identified as an unlicensed Natural Health Product. All NHPs and drug products must be licensed by Health Canada and must be appropriately described and labelled in order to be sold on Amazon.”

Since we are U.S. sellers We reached out to Health Canada shortly after to see if we can get licensing. Health Canada responded with official documentation that our product does not need licensing and is classified as a food. This seems unfair that Amazon’s bots identified our listing as unlicensed when we reached out to Health Canada and didn’t even meet the criteria for needing a NHP.

I have reached out to support and brand registry with the documentation. They said on multiple occasions they would reinstate our listing within “24-48” hours, yet the listing has still not been reinstated. The case is continually still open and the only response I receive now for the past month is “we are working with our internal team to resolve your case. Thank you for your patience.”

My patience is running thin now and I don’t know what to do. We have inventory stored at their fulfillment centers just sitting there. Has anyone experienced this issue before? Any help would be much appreciated.