Amazon yanked almost all herb grinders from Amazon as restrictex


Did anyone had their Herb Grinder listing removed.

One of the clients accounts lost 80% of their PL grinder brand listings. All under Restricted Products Category.

After checking the it was apparent that it was not only us. All or almost all major brands in that category have lost their listings.

Seems like Reid on Herb Grinder category in general. It is unknown how wide net Amazon had casted and what are the triggers but for whatever reason majority of the listings were yanked.

Manual Herb Grinders On Amazon are Removed
Trouble putting offer to listing
Listing deactivated for product classified as Drug Paraphernalia
Restricted ASIN/ ASIN is removed from sale on Amazon

I believe I have seen a few posts today. Tobacco “only” products removed. Might make sense that “herb only” product may have also have been struct by some Amazon bot.

Funny because many states have rec pot laws. Oh, that’s right, the feds still prohibit it.


Hey. same situation, any solution?
I have sent email but still nothing


99% of the “herb grinders” on Amazon are intended to be used as drug paraphernalia.

The sellers of them might as well put a :wink: after the “herb grinder”. There is a reason customs seizes shipments of “herb grinders” fairly frequently.


You’re right and yet these are products that run for years. Amazon decided to remove them without warning


So you are complaining that people no longer get away with listing prohibited items by calling them something other than what they are?

They should be glad they got away with it for years and consider themselves lucky that they were not suspended for selling drug paraphernalia but merely had the offending ASINs removed so far.


You are wrong, these products are legal for sale all over the US and the rest of the world, as they are not directly targeted at cannabis or other banned substances, and therefore, it is only a matter of time before all these products return to the category and sale on Amazon.


These goods are not marketed to be used with any drugs or drug paraphernalia. These are manual herb and spice grinders.

What customer decide to use it for its their own decision.


Hello @SmartBuy_Store,

This is Emet from Amazon to help you with your concerns.

It looks like you have concerns regarding restricted product listings. Let’s work together in finding the solution.

When these listings were removed, did you receive a performance notification, or did these ASIN show up in the account health dashboard? If you did receive a notification, I would suggest providing it here, as it can help us better understand your specific situation.

When a listing is identified as a restricted product, there is typically a reason for its identification. I would encourage you to review our drug & paraphernalia help page to better understand these requirements.

This page offers a statement on equipment related to the topic:

  • The term "drug paraphernalia" includes any equipment, product, or material of any kind which is primarily intended or designed for use in: manufacturing, compounding, converting, concealing, producing, processing, preparing, injecting, ingesting, inhaling, or otherwise introducing into the human body a controlled substance.

If you believe that this removal was in error, I would encourage you to use the contact us feature in seller central to dispute the removal of these listings. We may ask for supporting information or documentation to show the original intended use of the product to verify it does not violate our policies.

The forums community and I are here to support you. Please let us know how we can help you from this point forward.



Dear Emet,

We appreciate your prompt response and help regarding this topic.

These products previously were Temporarily Suspended for initial investigation regarding the same concerns and every time except few occasions that were not related to the Drug and Paraphernalia the results came back that the products can be sold on

But this time we have received mass performance notifications of restrictions which ultimately were recorded on the Account Health as Restricted Product Violation.

As of now we are planning an appeal but the unfortunate situation is that the System did not mention what kind of a proof is required for the appeal hopefully we’ll find out in the process.

If you can give us ideas what the team is looking we can be better prepared.


So who is right?

Unfortunately it is the “bot” and the bots on Amazon are wrong 99% of the time.

People like us use products like this to grind our homegrown “herbs”.
We grow Oregano, Sage and Thyme specifically.

We grind them down and store them for later use.
We really enjoy our fresh, homegrown herbs.

Having posted this publicly we are taking a stand and will likely
now suffer the consequences of an FBI raid designed to shut down
or herb paraphernalia operation. :poop:


I am certain the bots get 100% of the pesticides thanks to it thinking everything is a pesticide.




make sence


People use hookahs to smoke marijuana. Those didn’t get taken down…


My understanding as someone whose relatives used to grow their own kitchen spices is that spice grinding would use a larger grinder then the drug grinders as spices you grow are not as costly as drugs and all the pulled “herb” grinders were too small to be used for legit kitchen spice grinding.


Glad for this thread that helped me understand the larger amazon removal. If I make sure my listing is squeaky clean and appeal, what is my risk? If I loose the appeal, does that put my account at risk for suspension?



Dear Gadgetsville,

I had longer conversation yesterday with the Amazon support team and I’m afraid at this time the account health team or catalog team are seeing the manual herb grinders as drug_paraphernalia_mariuana_grinders.

It is uncertain why after 10+ years Amazon made a decision to qualify these types of grinders as part of a drug and paraphernalia articles but it looks like they will not be allowed on the marketplace any longer.

And it is still unclear what is the qualifying aspect that makes the kitchen gadgets herb grinder to something that is prohibited. Is it the design? the description? No explanation was given.


It is interesting that Amazon allowed the sale of all of these products for years and all of a sudden they are removed. On the other hand, Amazon is pushing the government to legalize marijuana federally. Hmm…I guess Amazon basics are coming to this category too and then everyone should be able to sell.


I am curious to know… If all manual Herb grinders are now considered drug paraphernalia than how is it possible that some herb grinder brands are registered in Amazon’s Brand registry?

Does Amazon allow drug paraphernalia in its catalog as long as it’s registered in brand registry?

I found quite a few of them…but take Santa Cruz Shredder for example: Santa Cruz Shredder

How are they any different than any other manual herb grinder that’s been yanked by Amazon?

They are not! Marijuana is an herb and any grinder featured in the “Herb & Spice Mills” category can shred it. A herb is a herb. If someone needs a herb grinder, this is what they purchase! it should be the customer to decide what kind of herb they like to grind.

Unless a listing makes specific references to marijuana or any other “illegal drug”, I think Amazon is making a big mistake yanking it.

besides that point, I think Amazon yanking manual herb grinders and labeling them as Drug Paraphernalia is a slap in the face to all their adult customers, especially any Amazon customer in the USA who consumes marijuana or Hemp legally, some of which have real physical disabilities and a hard time visiting the local smoke shop.

This action sends out a message that Amazon looks down upon these people does not value their business.

what year are we living in? and what country are we living in??

Fun Fact: “55 million US citizens are cannabis users” - (Fit Small Business, 2019).

I believe this action by Amazon is unfair to the buyers or the sellers as it is very extreme and unwarranted, Amazon should revaluate and reconsider.