Amazon Warehouse Damaged Product - Transaction ID?


New to Amazon this year, small seller. I had a vacuum that was damaged at the Amazon Warehouse TPA1 back in June. From my reading, it seemed it may take up to 5 months to resolve and be reimbursed. My Amazon contact also said I just needed to give it some time. Fast forward, no reimbursement and this item was removed Oct 1 as damaged. My FBA Fulfillment report shows the damaged item, but the FBA inventory reports 0 damaged items… but I believe this is reporting only the previous 90 days?

CS needs a Transaction ID but I see no transaction ID for this damaged item… how do I find that?

Thanks in Advance… Squirrel


I think I found it… had to use the “Inventory Ledger” report and not the Inventory Event Detail (which is the report actually linked to the FBA Inventory Despite it’s being retired and replaced by the Ledger report!!!). If you do not live and breath AMZ, this is not intuitive!