Amazon Vine Terms and Conditions


We are adding the Amazon Vine Terms and Conditions to the Program Policies page on November 22, 2019. You can access a copy here.


How much is the fee?


When will Amazon Vine project be avaliable for brand registred sellers?


Why does everything always have to be FBA? How come Seller fullfilled order sellers are always screwed when it comes to almost ALL amazon programs, promotions and offerings?


ditto that, with this update including “sellers” and not just “vendors,” is there acces/will there be soon?
Very interested…


easy questions, FBA costs more


I sent one product to amzon vine plan, but one month pass, no one come to get the free product, what is going on ? The product is popular and well selling , but why no one come to get the product? Any one tell me why?


LOL ,FBA costs more