Amazon to hire 100,000 employees, amid coronavirus shoppping surge


guess they are going to break the 10+ rule


Rushdie, MRE’s do have an expiration date, They do go bad too if not stored in a temp. controlled place.


Thanks for the laugh.


I am assuming, do not know for a fact, but Amazon is currently a very essential service. Until every warehouse AVP1 worker falls over from exhaustion, the warehouse will likely remain open and operational.

It is smaller stores, like Tikko’s Sports, mentioned above that are being asked to close.


For the last time - I was referring to GROCERY ORDERS ONLY!!!



Too late to edit my original post… See how wrong assumptions can be?


What exactly is wrong with hiring temporarily? Every business needs that sometimes and I’m sure these guys know they’re not guaranteed to stay.


thats not how logic works. at all, if you are unhealthy you may perish from covid19, its true that unhealthy people will perish from other infections at a higher rate… thats pretty obvious, however “other infections” DO NOT equal “covid19” can you understand that? this virus is highly infectious and elderly people and those with pre existing conditions are for sure at risk. you have to engage in high risk behaviors to get HIV, which left untreated will lead to AIDS. i find it extremely disconcerting that your post CAPITALIZED SPORTS BEING CANCELLED, you even added an exclamation point. (!) are sports really more important than peoples lives lol especailly immunocompomised and the elderly??!


My sister was at a dollar store and this guy had his basket full of all the remaining stock of hand sanitizer (they had just put out). He said he planned to sell it on amazon and “make a fortune”, my sister and the cashier both told him he couldn’t and then the cashier added it was not returnable. I hope these hoarders and opportunists will be stuck with this stuff when it comes that it is no longer needed.


If you actually believe this I have 1200 rolls of toilet paper to sell you for 100.00 a roll.


That is how kids that are not disciplined behave. Grocery orders are still deliveries that need to be made. Grow up.


Good luck with that Amazon. People are calling in sick to Walmart in the tens of thousands. Noboday wants to get the WuFlu and be worked like a dog for $12 - 15/hour.


The dollar store should not be selling all of their hand sanitizer to just one person. The dollar store is just as greedy as the hoarder.


This was last week. I think almost all the stores have put limitations on this kind of thing by now.


Really Excellent !!!


That’s nuts and awful. I have 7 employees in my seasonal gardening business and fight tooth and nail to keep them on year round.


Good, we need more jobs for all the people displaced by all these closures


Yay, they will all be paid $10 an hour, and when they catch coronavirus will be be let go with no benefits lol


Actually, they are increasing the base pay to $17/hour.


Amazon has another Christmas. :christmas_tree: