Amazon Suspension :(


Amazon suspends accounts very frequently. There is a big complaint from many Amazon sellers for this reason. In order to maintain good relations with sellers as well, they should provide more details or help resources for sellers to get there account reinstated. Sellers have to go through a LOT of difficulty when accounts are suspended and Amazon provides almost NO help for these hopeless sellers. Something needs to seriously be done about this, it is one of Amazon biggest flaws and needs to be seriously addressed. I have done everything in my power, from my time to my money, attempting to get my account reinstated. Such a shameful standard of customer service for a trillion dollar company. I have a little more than $90k on hold. I have almost NO money left from hiring professionals to help me with my case. Appeal after appeal rejected. Only on amazon can you go from making $10k a month to being homeless


You have two options here, please indicate your preference.

Your post is venting and you are content with doing that and nothing more.


Post your suspension notice and all subsequent communication between you and Amazon regarding the suspension. Include ASINs. It is the only way that anyone can hope to understand what your issue is. You cannot get reinstated if no one can understand the issue to be addressed. Be sure to include your appeals.


When you violate policy, yes. Looks like you opened a second account without a valid reason. Why did you do that?


Oh my god, why would you open a second account without getting authorization stamped and signed in triplicate?! I feel for you my friend, but this sounds a little like Daedalus and Icarus.


I am not sure that you can come back from this issue. Amazon is not tolerant of sellers that violate policy in that way, especially when they are new. Older sellers with something of a track record might get away with minor infractions, but certainly not a second, unauthorized account. This is exactly why it is so important to read and understand the agreement that you sign before you open an account. In this case, not only are you guilty of not having done your homework but so is your husband and you have plead guilty for both of you.


I am not clear I understand. Was the issue that you and your husband both have seller accounts? One account per household?


You know what’s better than trying to get back into Amazon? Trying to leave the company. I fulfill all of my obligations however still have to wait three months from my last sale. It’s like having a phone contract. I hope Jeff can spend the next billion he makes from our efforts to fix his eye.


estou na mesma situação, porem os motivos para criar outra conta é que uma vende moveis e outra bolsas femininas. voce pode me ajudar nesta situação, caso encerre a conta aberta que não tem produtos cadastrados, ajuda a solucionar esta questão, gostaria de voltar a vender.


Why do you keep deleting all your posts?


lol. Deleted all of my inventory and came back to sell 1 item in the past month. Made 90 cents because Amazon’s fees are so high. Better to just stay away.


please do, amateur sellers with their immature pricing ruin the markets for dedicated sellers.

The above mans is aying that Amazon is holding 90 thousand dollars of his hard earned money for crappy legal reasons. Not at all because he doesnt deserve the money he made.


There are many people here who can help you, but please start a new thread and describe your issue in complete detail. One poster/issue per thread for obvious reasons.


Minha empresa na De 24 vendas 1 teve problemas e este, nem foi nossa responsabilidade, porém tem um aviso de possível suspensão. Eles não podem custodear o dinheiro alheio. Nossa decisão foi pausar todos os anúncios até que suas políticas opressoras, sejam revistas. Não dá para trabalhar em paz, com o risco cosstante de ter seu capital apreendido sem mais nem menos.


ola sou vendedor da amazon 1 ano e meio tive varios problemas nesse tempo como pagamento semanal atrasava falando que nao achava minha conta na outra semana eles achavao vendas canceladas que pessoal vinha atras de mim depois de 3 meses ameacando me processar por nao devolver o dinheiro dele sendo que a compra foi cancelado por falta de inventario e o amazon ficava quieto tomei processo por causa disso,e agora inicio de julho foi suspenso por ter 4% de reclamacao recentemente a amazon nao paro pra me perguntar o que aconteceu com atrasos,produtos danificado que cliente diz ter sido danificado mas nega a devolver o produtor simplesmente me suspendeu abri solicitacao pra pode reabri a conta ja vai da um mes e ate hoje nao me responderao eu to com 2000 de saldo preso pra muitos nao e nada mas pra um vendedor pequeno e muita coisa logo agora nesse periodo de crise podem fala mau mas ML e ainda melhor opcao


O pior marketplace para se vender algo. São autoritários ao extremo. Nós paramos nossas operações na amazon.


Please open a separate thread to deal with your separate issue.


Nayan Se voces vivem na misma casa, somente uma conta e aceita na Amazon. Voces dois podem vender diferentes productos com a misma conta. You need to be sure that there is only one Amazon account per household or they can cancel your account for breaking the policies. Hope it helps.


Mistake # 1 - putting all your eggs in one basket - Amazon.

Mistake # 2 - from reading all the posts (did not see your deleted ones but got the idea from the other comments) - you violated the User Agreement. That is a legally binding contract you entered into and Amazon has responded as they do with anyone who violates the Agreement - suspension and possible termination as an Amazon seller.

Solution # 1 - sell on other platforms so when Amazon suspends you are not “out of business.”

Solution # 2 - file for Arbitration or hire a lawyer and write to the Amazon General Council pleading your case and asking in good faith to release your money.

You did not say if your were FBA or FBM. If FBA than Amazon has control of your inventory (which is why I will NEVER go to FBA). That is an additional problem if FBA.


I agree it’s horrible how they operate. A giant trillion dollar company can impoverish you in 2 seconds.


If you opened a second account it was best to get it OK-ed by them first, documented, etc. Easy for me to say of course after the fact and I am not perfect either. But anyway try the law firm Rosenbaum and Famularo. They specifically represent Amazon sellers and their issues.
I know someone who has 50 SKUs and got deactivated because she had an old account that was deactivated long ago to begin with before she started another one.