Amazon Stole Seller Inventory After They Suspended The Account.BEWARE FBA!


Okay, Richard.

I was told that was your first name.


Is there some reason you think it is not a waste of space for you to resurrect this thread months after the fact just to tell everyone our replies sucked?

You have “countless” friends with suspended amazon accounts and FBA items they can’t recover? Do tell.



It appears a troll has been awaken.

> So to answer your question, I am not sure how you will get your inventory back. I have countless friends in that same position. Its stupid.

Why do you have lots of friends who are getting suspended on Amazon? Surely, if they were all friends, they would have helped each other to avoid suspension after the first few had problems.

If your account is banned to the point where you can’t even log in, you have committed some serious violations likely related to counterfeiting or outright illegal products.

Amazon doesn’t normally block access to your account if you are suspended because that seller will still need the accounting from their account for tax purposes.


You caught that too…


Someone’s been reading Dale Carnegie again.


I know he has sure influenced me to shut up.


Ummm, style is a girl, so I’m pretty sure it isn’t…regardless of your crude intent.


Me to, but Barb caught it a few months earlier.

Mike awakened this thread for his own purposes.

Mike, when the police raids Chinatown, they confiscate some of the goods.

When a seller sends inventory to FBA, they agree, that the inventory might be destroyed if it violates policy in various ways.


They might lock a seller out on suspicion of offering counterfeits and/or scamming.

We were always wondering what happens to the FBA stash in cases like that.

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