Amazon Stole Seller Inventory After They Suspended The Account.BEWARE FBA!


Hi, captain_clownfish, Can I know how to pay them to return the invantory? Can you tell me more detail about this? Because now the seller center account had block, my brother even can’t log in the account, Amazon had block my brother account, if contact seller center support we need first log in our seller account, and then only can contact Amazon, I have try this link, this link is for BUYER Customer support only, not seller, after contact them, they say will reply within 24 hour, but now more then 1 month no reply, I have contact them many time, I also call to 1 206-266-2992 Customer service, See like Amazon is not responsible attitude company, they stole the inventory just like that.


You know what Amazon do? After Amazon suspended the seller center account, and them AMAZON totally block the account, What I mean block account is EVEN Can’t Log In the account. If we want contact Amazon Seller Support, First step we need do is log in the seller account first, and them only can use Seller Support feature, now Amazon Block all, how to contact them? That mean they try to stole the inventory. Big company also do this bad attitude. They totally no give me any chance to talk to them!

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Why don’t you contact Sellerl Support from your account and ask for help?


Buyer support can’t do anything.

Your brother can simply call SELLER support and ask for a removal order to have the units sent back to him. 600 units will cost him $300 to be returned to him. They will either take it out of minutes owed, our charge his credit card. They will only ship it to a USA address. He can call the number above and ask to be transferred to the seller support side, then ask for an fba specialist. He can also send an email to

The link for seller support is

The only reason I can think of for Amazon not returning is if he was selling knockoffs or counterfeits. Those are illegal in all 50 states and Amazon would be obliged to have counterfeits destroyed.

  1. What was he suspended for?

  2. Did he appeal?

  3. What exactly did the email from Amazon say?


Hi, Marilyn’s Attic, Thanks For Reply, below is the message Amazon send to my brother account, Amazon suspended account without reason, also no responsible company,


We removed your selling privileges because your account failed our review process. Due to the proprietary nature of our business, we do not provide detailed information about this process.

After a review of your account by an account specialist, we have decided not to reinstate your selling privileges.

We regret we are unable to provide further information on this situation. Further correspondence regarding the closure of your selling account may not be answered.

We appreciate your interest in selling on


Seller Performance Team


Nope, sorry. I do everything Merchant fulfilled. FBA doesn’t make sense for my business model.


This usually translates into: “Your entire business model violates Amazon policy, and we can’t see any way you can fix it to comply.”

For instance, if the bulk of a seller’s inventory is electronic cigarettes and vaping supplies, which are prohibited on Amazon, that seller will fail the review process. If the seller’s inventory is frequently counterfeited items, like Dr. Dre Beats or certain DVDs, that will be a failure as well.

What was your brother selling?


Hi, my brother sell wine accessories only, even sell electronic product or any other product, Amazon should return the inventory if they suspended the account.


They question that keeps poping into my mind is “It’s your brothers business, why isn’t he here asking the questions??”


Hi, my brother sell wine accessories only, even sell electronic product or any other product, Amazon should return the inventory if they suspended the account.[/quote]
Marilyn told you how to get the inventory returned. Give the info to your brother, or whomever it is for. Still seems strange to me that your brother isn’t on here asking.

Amazon doesn’t just ship back FBA inventory without a removal order from the seller, which if your brother can’t get into his account, she gave you the contact info to authorize the return.

This is why I recommend new sellers NOT use FBA until they have self fulfilled long enough, and read over the rules enough to be sure they aren’t violating Amazon’s policies in the way they conduct business or in what they are selling. Sellers get on here and cry about closed accounts and thousands of units of inventory stranded because they sent products in that are either prohibited or require approval, and did it immediately after opening their account and without reading the rules. That is a quick way to lose money on any online venture.

Sad suspension stuff has happened to longtime sellers, but the ones who get into the most trouble are the newbies who don’t know they can’t conduct business any way they please, but that there are rules.

Amazon doesn’t “steal.” We make a professional contract with them and read what we’ve agreed to so we aren’t in violation.

And someone with inventory at FBA who doesn’t follow the stated procedure to get it back won’t get it back.


Friends and family are there because they love you.

Amazon is there to make some money off you.

Approaching one relationship as if it were the other type is a recipe for disaster.


Anyway, If Amazon really want return the inventory, Amazon should not close the account, (Close account mean I can’t log In my seller center account)(That mean I can’t contact Them) They should let us contact them first, and them return the inventory first, until my brother successful return my inventory first, that time only close the account, please think about it, if Marilyn no give the contact information, where can I find Amazon contact information? My bother have try many time to contact Amazon, they say will reply 24 hour, No! they just No reply, for small seller, better don’t use FBA, if your account get suspended, they will no responsibility, they even don’t want to hear you. This is Amazon FBA Seller Customer Service, Amazon only love Buyer, If you seller, better be careful, this is my brother real experience, let all new seller know, don’t like my brother, he already a Example see how Amazon so love the seller.

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Nice try reverting to the “brother” line at the end there. Ah, busily editing out the references to “my account” and “my inventory” now.

Very silly. No one ever buys the “brother” line. Life is easier when we aren’t trying to remember the stories we’ve made up.


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And you are responding to a five month old
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why??? OP is long gone and nobody cares about your “explanation.”


These fools don’t understand the issue.

Might be the language barrier.

He is saying him (or his brother, honestly who TF cares), cannot login to the seller central dashboard, making a removal order impossible. Making it even more impossible to get ahold of seller support via phone or chat.

At this point, seller performance will not be responding to him because hes been banned, so his emails probably filter the hell out of their inbox.

Buyer support is no help because they are tier one which means all they get to say is “lets have an account specialist get back to you within 24 hours”, this of course does nothing, as nobody will contact you.

So yeah, all you people shut up, the guy is stuck. Nobody cares why he is banned, he’s trying to get inventory back. Whoever answered “place a removal order” is an idiot, because he already explained why that was not possible.

Is Amazon trying to steal the inventory, course not, but the dysfunctional system between Amazon departments makes it impossible to complete this mission, hence, yes, I suppose you could argue inventory is being stolen. Not intentionally, of-course.

So to answer your question, I am not sure how you will get your inventory back. I have countless friends in that same position. Its stupid.


Do I need to explain how this response is a waste of space? Or is it understood?


Okay, Richard.

I was told that was your first name.


Is there some reason you think it is not a waste of space for you to resurrect this thread months after the fact just to tell everyone our replies sucked?

You have “countless” friends with suspended amazon accounts and FBA items they can’t recover? Do tell.



It appears a troll has been awaken.

> So to answer your question, I am not sure how you will get your inventory back. I have countless friends in that same position. Its stupid.

Why do you have lots of friends who are getting suspended on Amazon? Surely, if they were all friends, they would have helped each other to avoid suspension after the first few had problems.

If your account is banned to the point where you can’t even log in, you have committed some serious violations likely related to counterfeiting or outright illegal products.

Amazon doesn’t normally block access to your account if you are suspended because that seller will still need the accounting from their account for tax purposes.