Amazon states i have blocked their site


amazon states i have blocked their site and wont let me go to but it lets me go to my sellers page-- ive tried everything . there are NO blocked sites on my pc , help appreciated, thanks


You need to contact your IT person for help resolving this. It could be blocked in your router.

If you don’t have an it person, you will need to hire a local one


Those are likely two different IP addresses behind the scenes. I agree with M_L_H that your IT consultant (network specialist) needs to look into the issue, figure out the cause, and make the needed adjustment. There are many possible causes, like your computer configuration, your firewall, or your Internet Service Provider.

You could do some simple tests on your own, like (a) if your computer is a laptop, take it to another network, like starbucks wireless, and see if you can access from there. (b) try from a different computer within your network, etc.

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