Amazon sponsored shipping discounts suddenly disappeared


Hi, I buy shipping through Amazon and was receiving Amazon sponsored shipping discounts on almost all orders I was shipping, but suddenly all of the discounts are gone.

I did receive this e-mail: " To provide this authorization you must re-accept the UPS terms and Conditions by March 22 (ACTION REQUIRED)." Although it’s still March 21 and should not affect anything, I went ahead and an re-accepted the T&Cs in case that was causing an issue. I logged in and out of my Amazon account and no change / still no discounts.

Although I did not have to do anything previously to receive the discounts, I noticed in the newsletter, Amazon states “Sellers are able to access the discount when using Buy Shipping through Seller Central and the Merchant Fulfillment API. Sellers who use Buy Shipping via the Merchant Fulfillment API will need to call Get Eligible Shipping Services API (GESS API) first, before calling CreateShipment API.” I do not see any settings for these APIs.

Can anyone guide me to fix this? Not sure if above is the issue or something else.

Thank you!


Maybe this can provide you a link:


Thanks. I was reading through this post too. As others stated in that thread they didn’t have to do anything to get the discount (like me originally) so not sure why it’s suddenly gone. :frowning:


It also states: The discount is given at Amazon’s discretion and might not be available for every shipment .


My sponsored discounts are also suddenly gone tonight. I accepted the new UPS terms days ago so don’t think it has anything to do with that. Amazon is definitely having some navigation issues tonight so hoping it has something to do with that.


Yes, well aware of this too, but I WAS seeing a discount for every order so it is strange it’s suddenly gone.


but I WAS seeing a discount for every order so it is strange it’s suddenly gone.

It’s probably due to what you said earlier -

To provide this authorization you must re-accept the UPS terms and Conditions by March 22 (ACTION REQUIRED). "

Amazon operates much of the site on UTC time which is 7 hours ahead of Pacific Time and 4 hours ahead of East Coast time. So at the time of your post, roughly 8 pm Pacific Time, it was already 3 am on March 22 in Amazon (UTC) time, so that’s probably the reason.

I still have some priority mail sponsored discounts, but none from UPS.


It just came back :slight_smile:


WOOHOO! I reported the issue to Amazon. Terrible two hours with them on the phone. I spoke to 4 reps and none of them had a clue as to what Amazon Sponsored Shipping discounts were. I was sent to the advertising team, hung up on, and had loads more fun.

The last person I spoke to was a manager who stated internal support probably wasn’t made aware of the new feature…it’s public info in Seller Central from FEBRUARY. Very frustrating.

Thanks for the post about the discounts being back!! I see them again now too. Did you have to accept any new UPS terms or was this just coincidental timing on my account?


strange that the sponsored discount disappeared on every shipment of mine beginning around 5pm PST today. Anyone else? I did not receive any emails regarding any UPS terms and conditions that I need to accept.


I only have one unshipped item right now and it’s again not showing a discount. I am waiting until morning to see if it updates. So annoying!


Ours disappeared today (28-MAR-2022) is there a technical issue? I was able to ship much smaller items much faster and im sure the customers loved that, but gone now?!


3-28-2022 I’m having the same issue as well and today it escalated. Now only expedited shipping is offered for shipments that are Standard. The same order will one moment list the ‘Amazon Discount Shipping’ then the next it’s gone and only expedited shipping is listed. I’ve tried with Chrome, Firefox and Edge, cleared cache etc. Was on hold with Amazon, then hung up on. They are not aware it seems.


had discount this morning, no discount now




same here


same here. i had the discounts this morning. nothing now…


Discounts are gone for me again too. I also never heard back from Amazon when I put in my first complaint.


I went into the Shipping section an agreed to all the terms AGAIN and then in about 1 day (24 hours) we are back to seeing the Amazon Discounts again.


Doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the T&Cs. If we didn’t agree, we wouldn’t see UPS as an option at all. I think Amazon is playing a game with the discounts and adjusting the discounts to see how/when sellers use them. For me, I haven’t touched the T&Cs again and the discounts come and go whenever. They seem to disappear more in the evening.