Amazon Sponsored Discount is now available for shipping labels on Buy Shipping


We have launched Amazon Sponsored Discount for shipping labels purchased through Buy Shipping to support you in providing fast, on-time, and tracked products to customers. These discounts will be available for select reliable and faster ship methods.

When using Buy Shipping on Seller Central, you will see the shipping methods that are discounted with a blue badge that says Amazon Sponsored Discount with a discounted price next to it.

If you’re using Buy Shipping through Shipping Integrators that have Buy Shipping enabled, you will automatically see the discounted price.

If you are using APIs to use Buy Shipping, you have to call the Get Eligible Shipping Services API (GESS) to view the discounted prices.

The discount is given at Amazon’s discretion and might not be available for every shipment.

Go to Amazon Sponsored Discount to learn more.

Go to Buy Shipping to learn more about its benefits.

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I appreciate Amazon with this special offer
Its a great help
Thank You Amazon


I don’t see that on our current orders.


Can you please specify or provide more details regarding the criteria that is used to present these new shipping discounts.


“The discount is given at Amazon’s discretion and might not be available for every shipment.” This makes no sense… So who gets the Discount then?


Did you registrated Merchant Fulfillment API first? I don’t know how to do ;;


Thank you!


Thank you Amazon! But It’s not for my selling item :sweat_smile: I can’t see any " Amazon Sponsored Discount "


While this is great news for sellers, wouldn’t a predictable discount be better for sellers, buyers and Amazon.

For example, if I know that shipping for a package weighing 2 lbs to zone 8 is now going to be $6 instead of $8, I could lower my costs and everyone wins.

With this random “hey you won a small lottery prize” method, there is no way to pass along these savings.

Ummm, thanks?


Thanks, from what we have seen the discounts are considerable and make UPS more competitive for small packages. However, from our experience buying shipping today, it appears the Amazon Sponsored Discount is only available when purchasing shipping labels for individual orders one at a time and is not available when using the Bulk Buy Shipping method. We tested this on more than one order by getting shipping rates using both methods. If the discounted rate would show up in Bulk Buy Shipping that would be helpful!


While the discount may be available when purchasing for a specific shipment, the discounts are not available when buying multiple shipment postage in bulk even if offered individually. Is this intended?


Much appreciated! It is easier to purchase through Amazon, but in the past, I got a better price through my own shipping account, the discount is a game changer


Hi Mods - will we get the discounts if we use Buy Shipping, but we have our own UPS account linked to our Amazon account?


Yes! I tested this also. I have screenshots of several examples. It is not offered in “bulk shipping”. Only when buying one label at a time.

Yes again! I had one order today where UPS was lower than USPS first class!!!


well, one could average these out based on past data - we already do to to some extent since we need to provide sand standard shipping to 48 states, but actual shipping cost differs.


Seriously? That’s like asking, “How do you calculate my IPI?”…not gonna happen.
Would be nice…but nope.


Amazon Sponsored Discount - shipping discount

Better late than never, Amazon. :laughing:

Nice of you to make an announcement, several days after we’ve already been discussing it, and without answering any of our questions. Of course. :roll_eyes:

For anyone thinking Amazon is doing this solely for our benefit, don’t be so gullible. :rofl:


Or perhaps, for certain people…


Of course you will. Connecting all the 3rd party shippers you want, has nothing to do with Amazon offering a shipping discount.


Then, please share your wisdom of other reasons…