Amazon shutting down numerous Star Wars lightsaber listings due to flagging them as “lasers?”


Recently, some fantastic person at Amazon (or bot) decided to flag Star Wars lightsaber toys as a
“product that has been identified as a children’s toy that incorperates lasers. Laser pointers are generally not allowed for sale on Amazon.”
The toys light up but in no way shape or form project a laser or light beam. To make matters worse, they are systematically going through and wiping out dozens of listings, impacting me and other sellers with items that are sitting at FBA warehouses. Seller support states to send in documentation. Do they want me to film a video short of me playing with the lightsaber to show that there isn’t any laser emitted? Any help or insight would be much appreciated. Thank you



This may be the greatest post I have ever seen on the forums. I am sorry that it is happening to you though. I am dealing with my own Restricted Product Issues (that aren’t restricted either) and ran across your post. May the force be with you.


Same here. I did get them to reinstate the Star Wars Rey Hot Wheel car. I opened 2 cases for the lightsabers and 1 for Luke Skywalker action figure that they also said it had a laser pointer. Very frustrating it’s gonna give me a heart attack.