Amazon Shut Down Our Family's Business, and We Have No Idea Why


:woman_shrugging: Probably because the post is only 2 hours old? I’m curious to know who you are expecting to “step in”? This is a Forum community. Everyone can and should contribute. It’s reasonable to wait until someone knowledgeable sees the post.

@Banana, do you think this is the only Seller posting today in this situation? In fact, @BushyBox has already found at this time an extant thread possibly related to their situation: Account Suspended After 5 years out of nowhere, No basis for the suspension.


We found that your account is related to another account that may not be used to sell on the site.

seems self-explanatory to me…I know what it means.


Did any of your family have their own account or even tried to open one on the past?
Doesn’t matter if it’s active or not.


BushyBox… I wasn’t aware that having your main account suspended, impacted multi-channel fulfillment, I guess that makes sense…

Perhaps you should look at doing some removal orders, for some of your more popular products , so you can sell fulfill off of your website…

And at least have some income stream…

Good luck…


No. I’m in the same boat and many others are as well. Supposedly another account. But where? Done tons of detective work, covered every possible angle, submitted carefully crafted letters, and so on. Perfect sales metrics. What is happening?


That’s what I was thinking. Does your teenage son suddenly have expensive things? Does your teenage daughter suddenly have an expensive new wardrobe? Things happen in family businesses. In-Laws etc.? If so, they are probably devastated at this point as well. Time for a family meeting?


Nothing that we can figure out.


Just to note if you are new to surfing the forums, even ATTEMPTING to open another account 100 years ago and never finishing…will result in this. I have read…cant 100% confirm…that opening another seller account via your locations internet can result in this. My money would be on someone in the household previous a long while back attempting to start and account and they didnt finish or decided on a better name or who knows…This happens alot around here and when something this bad happens, no 1 wants to own up to their mistake and be hated by the company or your case family.


Given Amazon have paused suspensions for other reasons, they do appear to have embarked on a project to suspend “related accounts”.


Maybe buying a used laptop/desktop.
A friend that has an Amazon account logged into your wifi?
Your business address is in a building where a Amazon seller used to be?

Endless possibilites, Amazon should provide more detail than 3 letters.


I’ve seen this “3 letter” hint thing from a few people, but I’ve asked them on the phone to give me a hint like that because I saw other people got one…they won’t give me a hint. They say it’s not allowed for privacy reasons. Why do some people get a 3 letter hint and some people don’t?


because just like feedback removal sometimes you get a helpful maverick of a cs rep lol SOMEtimes you get a cs rep that is a human and understands our issues.


I have just seen some other posts where by registering on other Amazon marketplaces (ie, EU, JP, etc) Triggered suspensions for related accounts. Did you attempt to signup for any international marketplaces?


I did attempt to finish setting up our EU account recently. But it doesn’t contain the letters W-i-l.


Maybe they are talking about an email address that starts with Wil or the name that’s on the account starts with Wil?

Any members in your family opened an account in the past? Or maybe you did and have forgotten about it?

How many amazon account you currently have? Maybe one of those email is connected to a seller a account?
Log in to those spare emails and search for old emails that’s related to amazon.

Do you have teens who might have accidentally opened a seller account by accident in the past?

Sorry I’m not very helpful. But I hear you man. I hope you get some answers soon.


@Mr_Weird_Product and @BushyBox, check this post for a tip to get associated company name instead of the first 3 letters of the associated email address: Account Suspended After 5 years out of nowhere, No basis for the suspension.


Do you share an IP address? For instance, an entire commercial building or apartment house can have the same IP. I had an issue once when a tenants daughter was visiting and was using our network to access her Amazon account. Amazon bots noticed it and sent some nasty emails before shutting anyone down. We were able to explain it, but that was years ago when Amazon actually had some intelligent real people doing seller support, unlike now.


I sincerely hope you can work it out with Amazon… and also hope you and your family start in other e-commerce platforms and diversified. If you have been able to make a business from scratch, and been successful in amazon… this can work on in your own website or Fb, instagram, whattsup… tik-tok… many options out there for an unique product.
If you have another shot with the appeal, just chill out, relax before you respond… take a few days, and leave emotions at the side before you respond, Amazon likes clean and precise statements.


It seems you and many others will get caught in the cross fire of this. Theres many people with amazon accounts created to do drop shipping. Thats why they would like to know when you have multiple stores and would want to approve you to have more than 1 store to make sure your legit in a way. If someone in your family tried to open a store same IP it might caused to record and raise a flag. i would say look into that or maybe you open a second store and forgot about it.


This leads me to believe there is more to the story. Are you sure you don’t have multiple accounts? You put a lot of time and passion into your post. Perhaps you could do the same with the appeal?