Amazon should let us sell masks


Masks should go to our hospitals, first responders, etc. Pathetic to even suggest this.


There are literally millions of masks for sale on Alibaba and other sites that hospitals won’t accept. These less-than-perfect masks can be worn by non-medical people to decrease the chances of spreading the virus.

Again, the perfect is becoming the enemy of the good.


There are thousands of listings for masks on the website ( right now. Doesn’t take much effort to find them. Just search for mask, earloop, breathing, etc.

Most are from China, but you may find a select few that are not. Hint, don’t fall for the ones with the US or USA-based photo inserts.

If you want to sell masks on Amazon, jump on in. Won’t say that your account will stay in good standing, but you can throw your hat in there with the rest of them.



Have you ever sewed hook-and-loop loop or Velcro on to something, it’s really difficult to work with – unless you’re on that very tiny Edge that doesn’t have any hook or Loop, it tends to want to tangle the thread from the bobbin badly…

There are trims that could be used, I thought about that – I probably have some of those, the elastic just seemed like a much better solution…

Less awkward, no need to try to tie on, easier to remove if necessary…

But thank you for the thought , I do appreciate that…


This is slightly outdated & wrong information. My understanding is everyone should be wearing masks for the most effectiveness in stopping spread. Many countries just didn’t officially promote this policy to avoid shortages…


That’s not that different from what I said. Sure ideally everyone would have masks, but that isn’t really feasible for everyone in the country (they are only good for 4 hours if you want maximum effectiveness as you suggest so that would be about 3 per person per day or about a billion per day for everyone in the US). So we should focus on the sick, high risk, and medical professionals and other essential personnel.


yep, expired N95 masks that we had from work, we gave to our local grocery store, the manager wanted to give us hugs but we opted no. We gave them over 100, not a single hopsital or health care office wanted them around our location and our cases are skyrocketing and we see lines of people outside. we gave 20 of them to the people outside and the 80 to the grocery store. we know they have at least 50-60 employees working around the clock right now re-stocking and keeping the store packed. problem is - all the people that jam into the store will eventually spread this around and there are not enough test kits in our county even though Amazon itself donated $1 million to help, but that $1 million went to non-profits that do nothing for the medical industry. that was a poor move by Amazon, more PR than anything else.


There’s a nice post here. Check it out:
Kn95 mask


Are you kidding me, do you know how much we need them in NY!??!?!?!!? Who gives a rats ass if they are expired, we are reusing the masks for 5 days of 12 hour shifts. They are only rated for use for 8 hours.
Any hospital in NY would have gladly taken them.

N95’s are not sterile, the expiration date refers to the elastic possibly breaking down.

Thank you RMS Those masks could have literally saved healthcare workers lives.

The masks should not be sold anywhere. They need to go to healthcare workers who are exposing themselves constantly to this virus.

Whatever your “business” is they should have sent them back for others that could have used them.


Masks are very important. Hopefully, everyone who’s in need have access to masks.


I think the effectiveness of masks is a lot longer than 4 hours…and washing masks reduces effectiveness but not as dramatically as not wearing a mask at all…

Even a scarf over the face is better than free-roam nostrils…




It’s an issue for a lot more than health care. What about cashiers/customer service in the grocery stores?

Yes, Fred Meyer (a Kroger company) has just put Plexiglas shields at all the cash registers. But they still have to touch every item you purchase and your money.

Or the delivery guys? Such as pizza? Instacart, or any curbside pickup? Drive threw?


Anyone still buys fast food? I don’t, unless I can re-cook them at home.


A lot of people haven’t realized the importance of wearing masks. Several weeks ago, Asians wearing masks were hit because some idiots think they got sick and spread panic. An Italian Parliament member was even mocked as he wore a mask during the conference. Wearing masks is not only protecting yourselves but also others. Actually virus can spread through eyes as well, so hospital staff should wear goggles all the time. If someone don’t want to wear masks, then just stay in your bedroom.


Stopped all outside food beginning of March. Way too dangerous… quite sad seeing restaurants around the area with sign boards stating they are still open. Business has probably dropped quite a bit…


With respect

Training time for a delivery guy/cashier - hours to weeks

Training time for:
EMT: 8 Months
Paramedic: 1 year
Respiratory Therapist: 2 years
Nurse: 3 years
Doctor: 7 years
These are the people taking care of the sick, when they become sick it will take years to replace them.
That is the issue at hand. I know personally 4 Health care workers that have died from this. One being the Nurse that posed in the trash bags they are using as PPE.

Some are quitting on the spot. In NY our healthcare system is already overwhelmed. We can’t afford to lose 1 more person and we are losing a few a day to getting COVID from lack of PPE.


Nail, meet hammer.


I still buy fast food because my overweight wife forces me to. Don’t tell her I said that. Maybe just 1 or 2x a week. Scared to eat out nowadays.


Nail, meet scythe.