Amazon Seller going to start an external website


Hello, i had a couple questions, i’m not finding in my research any clear answers.

#1 I am a pro seller on amazon, i want to start my own website, i use FBA so on my website when a customer wants to purchase a product i want it to link to their amazon shopping cart. I know this is possible, do i have to sign up for the affiliate program for this to work?

#2 Can i use the affiliate program to sell my own products on an external website? (hosted by godaddy or something similar) in my mind it sort of feels like a conflict of interest but i can’t find anything saying i can’t do this…



Hi, there are a few different shopping cart options that will use Amazon’s MWS API to send orders for FBA. They also support Amazon Payments (Checkout by Amazon).

I have used 3D Cart, which supports it.

I am aware that BigCommerce Magento supports it as well.

This has nothing to do with the Affiliate network, but uses your Amazon MWS credentials.

The Affiliate network is a widget you can put on your website for Amazon ads which you get paid for. I have looked into it, but don’t think diverting customers I paid for to Amazon to buy something I don’t sell is worth my advertising spend (PPC, SEO).

You don’t require the Affiliate network to sell your own items. You just create them on your website (titles, descriptions, images). You will probably need to re-enter the content (copy/paste) unless you subscribe to a service that can provide that for you.

When a customer purchases on your FBA enabled website, you will pay Amazon Multichannel Fulfillment Fees ($4.75 per order, $0.75 per item, $0.45 per pound). Additions for oversized, expedited or priority shipping may apply).

You can advertise on Amazon using Product Ads, Google Shopping, other comparison shopping sites, or Google and Bing search. These all have per item click fees.

There is no conflict of interest because Amazon is not helping you with customer acquisition. You need to do that yourself.



As far as I know, Amazon offers its shopping cart only to the Amazon webstore (I don’t mean the seller central store but an actual website store hosted by Amazon)
As they will be affiliated with whatever that store does and sells, they like to be able to control it. They will FBA ship your orders from anywhere, but it is quite costly.

They do have an affiliates program that allows you to link to your or any other item listed ON AMAZON and get a percentage for sales.

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