Amazon seller account payments discrepancy


Can anyone tell me why my payment amount continues to get smaller the closer I get to payday despite continuing to make sales? I get told Im getting a large payment, the the number kept getting larger and up to a few days before payday, its gone down several hundred dollars. It seems like as I continue to make sales, and more and more money is coming into the seller account that the payout would continue to increase because there’s money in the to cover potential refunds as well as new funds. As I make sales, my payout gets smaller in the last several days before they payday. Thank you


If you use Amazon’s Buy Shipping and Amazon’s accounts, the $ are immediately deducted. Refunds and advertising also come out of the immediate balance.

You can click on the balance and see the break down.


Why is my sales funds not available since 10days now, i have been selling, this very unusual