Amazon search is still broken and is losing me millions


Amazon search is not functioning the way it’s supposed to be in my opinion. This past 2 months, I have seen my product go from being ranked 1 for the highest volume keyword to now not being ranked AT ALL. I have boiled it down to the search being broken for specific keywords, NOT ALL, specific keywords. Here’s my hypothesis.

When I search for my main keyword (let’s use “pillow” for this example), it will display 10,000 results when searching under the standard “All Department” search. This search should cast the widest net and include all relevant categories but despite this, my product is not ranked. However, when I narrow down the pillow search to “Home & Kitchen”, it displays 3 times the results and reveals 30,000 results AND my product is suddenly ranked #1 now. If I’m not mistaken, searching only “Home & Kitchen” should narrow down the search results because you are now searching just 1 category, as opposed to multiple ones.

Is anyone facing a similar issue? And mods - if you could help me look into this issue - I would be extremely grateful.

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You went wrong right here. You expected it to work as an actual “search”, and it does not.

It works only to provide what Amazon “wants” to show you and what it “thinks” you are looking for.

It should, but the difference in results is really of no consequence here.

The only real issue is why your search term takes on a broader connotation, and without knowing what that term is all we can do is guess. I suspect though it is being used by other items and that pushes you down (? You don’t say where you appear in the broader search)


I am not visible on the broader search. Search results for “Home & Kitchen” display the same results as the broader search, only difference is that I am not #1 anymore.

Take search term “Pillow” as an example - it displays more results when you narrow it down to just “Home & Kitchen” vs “All”.


Sounds like the typical Amazon squeeze to push sellers to advertise or raise their bids. Wait it out for things to revert/change again or pony up the money to play Amazon’s game.


Is this happening to you?


I understand and as I mentioned before that is not important. No buyer is going through 1000 products so whether 10,000 or 30,000 makes no real difference.

Personally I don’t see how not appearing in the broader search is “losing me (you) millions” but yeah I’d try to figure it out.

Overall I would not expect a keyword to have the same effect in both limited and “All products” searches.


When I’m not showing up for a search term that has 500,000 searches a month, that’s a lot of lost revenue. It seems like they are hiding specific categories from “All departments”.


10 million a moth selling pillows? out of the 30,000 pillow listings this 1 sells 10mill a month…the others must atleast be selling 500 a month. Gotta say I think my company is in the wrong market.

I was happy making only 1 million a month selling snake oil, time to change brands/markets!


The mypillow guy is smiling somewhere


Sure, I drop out of broad search and then it comes back again (searchable in broad search) after some time. I don’t play Amazon’s game or Google’s game. I have a tendency to react differently by reducing bids (when campaigns are running).

Keep in mind that Amazon heavily manipulates most areas of the marketplace and search is the biggest. What you are describing, at least to me, is common. If search on Amazon were static, they would never draw in new advertisers or force bids up.

However, there were reports of others having problems finding their products even with the exact product title. Search out those threads to make sure this is not impacting you. From what I saw the problem was corrected and some mods followed up on individual seller posts.